Carter Jamison on the Value of Connecting With Your Followers

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In today's world, when everything revolves around clicks, likes, and a positive user experience, everyone wants to be the next big social media star. However, becoming one is not an easy feat to achieve. Most people talk and talk about how they try to get more social media followers, but they are unable to get them or keep them.

Carter Jamison has the ideal solution for those who are struggling to gain new followers. Jamison is a social media entrepreneur who specializes in assisting others in growing their social media presence through his company, Gateway Giveaways, and meticulously crafted Giveaway Growth Campaigns.

"My current services include Instagram growth via celebrity endorsements. Essentially, a celebrity will promote a giveaway with highly desirable prizes," Jamison explains. "Following that, they direct their fans to follow a list of people in order to be eligible to win a giveaway. I sell spots on those lists to help my clients quickly grow their social media following and presence."

As for those who cannot keep their followers, Carter Jamison also has a solution for that. As he points out, he often hears from his clients how they can't retain the followers that he brings.

"We frequently hear from our clients that they can't keep the followers. After a quick analysis of their accounts, we mostly see the same core problem," says Jamison. "While the quality of the visuals, the punchiness of the copy, the frequency with which they post, and the variety of the content they offer all play an important role, they are failing to attract followers because the content they have is not genuine."

As Jamison goes on to explain, being genuine and providing authentic content may help build a stronger connection with followers. As a result, a stronger connection increases brand loyalty, which generates more views, more likes, and even more followers.

 "By being authentic, that relationship grows stronger, helping influencers to secure valued attention and engagement," he explains. "In addition, followers have a sense of self that is derived from the brands they support. Therefore, knowing that they are supporting someone genuine and authentic makes them feel good about themselves and their choices."

As for Carter Jamison, he explains that building a genuine connection with followers allows him to advance his particular agenda. "I want to be known as someone on social media who everyone knows and respects. I want everyone to have been helped by me or worked with me. Every day I look to build new connections and relationships with people, and I strive for everyone in the social media space to know of me and what I do," he says. "I want to have been known for working with the largest, most badass influencers, people, and fans. I love running giveaways and putting smiles on fans' faces as well as my own."