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Alycia Debnam-Carey

“Alycia is the real deal. For

Fear the Walking Dead

, she’s exactly what we needed, an actress who can go toe to toe with such talents as Kim Dickens and Cliff Curtis to bring her character to life with a very grounded performance.” – Executive Producer Gale Anne Hurd,

Fear the Walking Dead


Sydney-born actress Alycia Debnam-Carey[25]might be CALIFUK’s sprightly horsewoman of the post-apocalypse. Technically, she’s not from the UK, but she did bring a Union Jack on her passport into Hollywood. At age 18, she traveled to the States for the first time to compete on Next Stop Hollywood (2013), a show following Australian actors through their audition process. She killed it, and within two weeks was shortlisted for the role of young Carrie Bradshaw (Sex and the City) on 1980s Manhattan teen drama The Carrie Diaries. By 2014, she’d racked up numerous credits, including a recurring role on CW’s The 100 (2014-2015). In this post-nuclear-Armageddon sci-fi/drama, she plays the powerful Lexa, a fighter/warrior from the Wood Clans navigating dangerous exploration of the desecrated Earth, and impending romance with Clarke, the Sky People’s leader. A crucial kiss between the two made waves on Twitter, earning #Clexa buzz and an E! Online Best. Ever. TV. Awards Best Kiss prize. Now she’s further owning all roles apocalyptic. Debnam-Carey was cast as Alicia Clark on The Walking Dead-spinoff, Fear the Walking Dead. Set in the same universe, the AMC show will explore a new time (the origin of the rapid-rabid infection), new characters, and a new setting, zombie-deserving Los Angeles. CALIFUK-ing-lujah, just what Tinseltown’s been lacking, a bloody undead skirmish on the cluster-fucked 405.

25 Born 20 July 1993[a]

25.a “I think it went badly. They did not like me.”[i]

25.i Nicola Eimer, from: “Tears and fears of keyed up hopefuls”[*]

by Angella Johnson | Guardian | 20 July 1993

* During a BBC Young Musician of the Year audition, 16-year-old pianist Nicola Eimer was halted mid-performance. In tears, she fled into her parents’ arms. The program had been publicly criticized for being harsh on adolescent and teen performers, but according to one organizer, they had never had anyone cry before.

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