TripSitter Clinic Channels Breakthrough, Evidence Based Psychedelic Therapeutics With Ketamine Therapy

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Psychedelic therapy is a technique that involves the use of psychedelic substances to aid the therapeutic process. Hallucinogenic substances have been used in holistic medicine and for spiritual practices by various cultures for thousands of years. Over the last 30 years, Yale researchers have been some of the biggest advocates for exploring the benefits and other uses of ketamine pertaining to mental health treatment. And one thing in particular the research has revealed has been ketamine’s ability to show an immediate effect on conditions like depression, PTSD and more.  

In the last decade, the FDA authorized use of ketamine through a nasal spray, but after years of research, Dr. Huber has found that intravenously administered ketamine is far more effective in treating these mental conditions. Through his recently launched virtual clinic, TripSitter Clinic, Dr. Huber has been instrumental in helping hundreds of patients explore psychotherapeutic alternatives through ketamine to treat various mental health conditions. TripSitter Clinic empowers patients to embark on a personalized, physician-directed treatment plan designed to give the patient sustained relief they need from debilitating mental health conditions while opening up new pathways to healing. One example of a successful program is Tripsitter Clinic’s program of online ketamine therapy, which provides deep and sustained relief for both mild and severe depression, anxiety, and trauma related mental health conditions. 

To give a deep dive into the online ketamine therapy, the ketamine produces shifts in consciousness that can help neurons rebuild lost connections, allowing individuals to view their own patterned behavior with a renewed clarity, broaden awareness, and suppress networks in the brain responsible for producing persistent and obstructive thoughts. Tripsitter Clinic’s therapies, protocols, and clinical tools are guided by an established body of research, years of experience treating patients with ketamine, and a focus on achieving measurable outcomes. Overall, ketamine therapy works by stimulating a different part of your brain. You’ll relax and receive your therapy in a comfortable, private room.

Trailblazing for the use of ketamine to improve mental health conditions, Dr. Huber, Founder and CEO of TripSitter, explains his company’s  mission statement in a succinct manner: “We want to deliver real relief to those battling with debilitating mental health conditions and broaden access to breakthrough psychedelic therapies by making treatment affordable to as many people as possible.

Overall, TripSitter Clinic has been largely recognized for its work in treating patients that suffer from anxiety, depression, PTSD, agoraphobia and more. As an industry leader in the mental health sector, Dr. Huber’s TripSitter Clinic is set to change the outlook for wellness and mental health in a positive manner. Most recently, they announced that the company is now accepting and seeing patients throughout the states of California, Washington, Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin. This expansion will be monumental in helping more patients and bringing greater equity to health disparities. 

Patients can realize their breakthrough today by scheduling a video consultation with a California licensed physician in the Tripsitter Clinic provider network. To learn more about TripSitter Clinic and about Dr. Huber, visit their website