How to Start Your Own Real Estate Business and Achieve Financial Freedom with Art Morrison III

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Art Morrison III has experienced success in several careers. As a professional basketball player, a real estate investment expert, a coach, and an author, Morrison III has risen to excellence on every step of his journey. Now, he is sharing some of the tools that have enabled him to build his own business and gain financial freedom. 

For anyone looking to get started on their path to success, Art Morrison III has the essential strategies to help create the career – and life – of their dreams. During his career playing professional basketball overseas, Morrison III began to develop a system that would decrease the financial volatility of European basketball and allow him to earn unlimited income. What began as a parallel career to basketball has now become his passion, and Morrison III has created a repeatable, automatic process to achieve incredible revenue goals in real estate.

“I have gone from having never flipped or even bought a house before to creating a system and a business that does this automatically," Morrison III says. "We developed a way so that anytime we see an opportunity, we have the ability to act on it using some key strategies. And it is a route than anyone can take.”

How was he able to achieve this level of success – and how can you do the same? For Morrison III, it began with one house.

He has since improved his system to increase his yearly profits, but the most important thing was taking the first step. Many people carry self-limiting beliefs, convinced that they cannot get started without a lot of capital up front. As Morrison III explains, it is easier to get started than you might think – and even if you can’t begin right away, becoming more knowledgeable will at least show you the path toward financial freedom.

“We deal with it every day, where people will self-diagnose and come up with a reason why they can’t do something,” Morrison III says. “So, the first step is to find a lender and get pre-approved – and even if you don’t get approved, the lender will tell you exactly what you need to do to be pre-qualified, which is a win in itself.”

Once you have met with a lender and understand what you are capable of doing, the best next step is to research your local real estate market. Although flipping houses can be a profitable business, you are not limited to only doing that, Morrison III says. He also teaches real estate investors how to broker deals (and earn a lucrative commission) or turn properties into rental units, earning a steady monthly income.

It all depends on how a person defines their idea of success, Morrison III says. Throughout his playing career and later in real estate, he clearly defined his goals and then created the pathways to reach – and exceed – those goals. For people who are at the beginning of their financial journey and need additional help to get started, Morrison III is here to help.

“You might look at flipping houses or renting properties as a lot of work, or maybe you want to invest indirectly instead of being directly involved in the process,” Morrison III says. “At United Home Relief, we allow people to invest through us – we do all the work and they receive a percentage of the profits, so there is always a way to become successful through real estate.”

And if you want to follow your own path, Morrison III also provides mentorship to people who are just starting out, sharing the wisdom and knowledge that he has acquired throughout his successful career. But the important step, he repeats, is the first one. Getting started is the hardest part, but once you begin, you will be well on your way to achieving your most ambitious financial goals, and ultimately reaching your own version of success.

“One of my favorite things to say to people is, close your eyes, make an offer, and see what happens,” Morrison III says. “There are a lot of people involved in closing a deal, and they will hold the deal accountable. The lender, the title company, and the attorneys in some states, all have a duty to make sure you don’t fail. So, there are clear steps to help you achieve financial freedom through real estate.”

Art Morrison III was a successful professional basketball player before transitioning to a lucrative real estate career. Now, he shares his story with others and guides them on the road to success. To learn more about how Art can help you launch your own real estate investing career, visit www.morrisonenterprisellc.com or follow Art on Instagram