BlueBucksClan | Taking The Los Angeles Rap Scene By Storm

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Photo Credit: Louie Knows

Photo Credit: Louie Knows

When it comes to who’s running the streets of Los Angeles on the rap tip, look no further than BlueBucksClan. The West Coast duo comprised of DJ and Jeeezy reign as the vigorous leaders of Los Angeles’ rap renaissance. They hold absolutely nothing back, spitting and freestyling braggadocious bars inspired by real-life experiences. The two stars in the making bonded from growing up together as kids. They went from going to high school together, to then playing football together on college scholarships. But it wasn’t until after college when the music came.

From the struggle to the come up, BBC gives hope to the rest of their city, South Los Angeles, that they too can rise above whatever obstacles arise in their environment. With each release, the guys bring infectious energy, and witty punchlines turning up and doing whatever it takes to turn their dreams into a reality. When it comes to their raps and hypnotic beat selection, BBC show no mercy… and fans can’t get enough!

Exploding onto the scene dripped out in designer, DJ and Jeeezy recently released their latest basketball themed single “Horace Grant” off their forthcoming mixtape Clan Virus 2. This comes in hot following their viral single “Todd Gurley” off their Clan Virus EP back in March of 2020—a tribute to their formative years playing football. Later that year in October, they gifted fans No Rules 2, 16 hard-hitting tracks with features from fellow LA natives RJ and Bino Rideaux.

Flaunt caught up with DJ and Jeeezy via Zoom, who were posted in Atlanta working. Read below as we discuss their roots in Los Angeles, love for Lil Wayne, life before music, their name, the grind, new mixtape on the horizon, favorite songs to perform, getting the co-sign from Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook, and more! 

Do you guys miss football at all?

DJ: Sometimes, but I’m cool watching. It’s a lot of hard work, I don’t miss that part. A lot of running.

Jeeezy: Yeah, I’m cool watching. [laughs]

Being from South Central LA, what was it like growing up?

DJ: I stayed with my grandma most of the time. I remember living with my grandma a lot, we always stayed with my grandma in South Central with my two older sisters. I was the youngest at the time. 

Jeeezy: I grew up with both of my parents and my two older sisters. I was the youngest for a long time too, it was cool though. 

Who were you guys bumping coming up?

Jeeezy: Lil Wayne for sure. 

DJ: Lil Wayne, whoever my mom would play when I was that young. When I was old enough like middle school or high school, definitely Lil Wayne. Different people in that area.

Favorite Carter?

DJ: Carter II probably. 

Jeeezy: Carter III. I like his mixtapes more than the albums. My favorite mixtape is Da Drought 3.

Where were you guys working before the music?

DJ: I worked for a company that remodeled businesses and houses. I was a salesman, it was fun. It was cool.

Jeeezy: I was doing that with him for a little bit, but I had quit. Before that, I was driving the armored trucks. The Brink’s trucks, the trucks that pick up the money.  

At what point did you realize this music thing was forreal?

Jeeezy: After we dropped our first mixtape, Clan Way. The response from that was pretty big, we felt we could really do this. That’s what made us keep going, Clan Way was the first mixtape we dropped.

When did you come up with the BlueBucksClan name?

DJ: We were thinking of random stuff one night, the name had to be something to do with money. A lot of us grew up together, we all been together. There’s already a group of us, we’re trying to come up with something that wasn’t a name that stood for a gang. Something else describing a group of people but not saying a gang. Nothing that nobody ever had or really said. People started liking it so we left it. It’s cool. [laughs] It’s whatever. 

Jeezy: It’s real catchy, it’s a tongue twister. When people first hear it, they want to know what’s going on. Who are we, that’s what gets people into the music. It’s a good idea to me.

Are you guys as ratchet as your music? 

Both: [laughs] 

DJ: I would say.

Jeeezy: Music is about 98% facts, so I’ll say so.

No Rules 2 out now! One thing you want fans to get from the project?

DJ: We wanted to give the people what they want. That’s what they like.

Jeeezy: We always try to top whatever we did last, that’s what’s going on at the time. We locked in for a couple weeks, we felt it was good enough and ended up dropping it. It was sort of a statement, let everybody know we’re solidified.

You guys are talking your shit on “Flyin Up,” bring us back to that recording session.

DJ: That was one of those days where we booked the studio for two weeks. We’re there from 8pm to 8am everyday. We’re making 2, 3, 4 songs a day, that happened to be one. I remember Tay & Shepp was there, they’re like “oh yeah, this the one right here.”

Jeeezy: That was a crazy session right there, I remember that one. That was a regular day, it ended up happening. 

You say “shit don’t happen overnight, I was patient.” What’s the reality of the journey?

Jeeezy: A lot of people see us, they think we blew up overnight. They don’t know when we first started, nobody really was trying to mess with us. It was hard for us to get beats or features, anything. Even to get people to listen to our music, people don’t know that. It seems like it was overnight, but it really wasn’t.

What can we expect from the mixtape Clan Virus 2?

DJ: It’s going to be a whole nother project. It’s going to be crazy! We got 18 tracks on there, if I'm not mistaken.. We got about 3 features, maybe 4. 

Jeeezy: Lil Yachty, Cash Kidd, and more. 

DJ: To me, it’s really going to be better than anything we ever put out.

Jeeezy: On this one, you could hear our growth from when we first started. It’s the same thing really, us talking crazy. It’s going to be big.

How does it compare to the first Clan Virus?

Jeeezy: It’s way more songs, so for sure going to be better.

DJ: Way more, the first one we had 4 songs.

Jeeezy: That was a little EP. This is a real project, we put way more effort into this one. A lotta of studio hours. 

You’ve been pushing your content out during quarantine! How has the pandemic affected you?

DJ: We had to adjust for our fans. You can’t really go anywhere.

Jeeezy: We want to really be able to do shows, be able to move around more. That’s all that really stopped. We've been in the studio locked in, it’s all we can really do.

Favorite song to perform in a set?

Jeeezy: “Walkin’ In.” It’s a party song, you be going crazy.

DJ: Everybody knows that song word for word. Everybody likes that song. I like performing all of them, really whatever ones they like. “CAN I,” that’s for sure one they go crazy off of. 

Jeeezy: “Want Me To,” they be going crazy off that. They go crazy off “Want Me To” for sure.

What’s your relationship with Bino Rideaux?

Jeeezy: We’re on the same label, Out The Blue. We locked in for sure, he’s going to be on the tape too. We always work with Bino, we get in the studio and it’s magic. It's easy.

DJ: We home team. We brothers, we family. Everything good.

What’d you do with your first advance?

Jeeezy: Still got it. [laughs] It’s still early. I’m trying to double it.

DJ: I bought this watch though, a Rolex. No occasion, just ordered it and put it on.

Talk to me about your latest single, “Horace Grant.” 

DJ: Fans can expect a lot of what they want to hear. A lot of captions, the video is even harder. 

Jeeezy: A lot of bars.

DJ: It’s exactly what they want to hear. “Horace Grant” is going to set the mixtape off. Clan Virus 2 has all these bangers!

Jeeezy: “Horace Grant” is a high energy song with a lot going on. It’s for sure one of my favorite songs. I can’t wait until the fans get to hear Clan Virus 2 though. it's going to be crazy. I know they’re going to love it.

How was it getting the co-sign from Kevin Durant?

Jeeezy: Kevin Durant was crazy, I was going crazy off that one. That was cool, we’re trying to go to a game or something!

DJ: Russell Westbrook FaceTimed us one time out of nowhere, going crazy off our music. He’s listening to our music in the background, dancing and slapping it. He said he’s a big fan of us.

Jeeezy: That was crazy. He told us to keep going, keep grinding. He said he liked the music.

3 things you need in the studio?

DJ: I need Metro Boomin, some good weed. A good engineer.

Jeeezy: I need some water, something to drink. Snacks! I don’t need no weed, no drugs, nothing. Just need the mic and booth, that’s it. I need a hard beat too!

What inspires you guys the most?

Jeeezy: Everyday life, situations we go through. It can be anything. We can be in the car having a conversation, we’ll go make a song about it. Go to the store, anything can happen and we go to the studio after. Whatever we did this week, we talk about it. It don’t take much. 

Who’s in your Top 5?

DJ: Future for sure, Lil Wayne. To be honest since I’ve been doing music, all I listen to is us. I only listen to us. If i’m in my car and we’re going somewhere, I only listen to us. We make new songs everyday so I’ll be wanting to see how it sounds. I be stuck on us. But for sure, Future, Lil Wayne, I like Fabolous too.

Jeeezy: Lil Wayne, Future, Meek Mill, Lil Durk. I can only think of 4.

DJ: I’m not really that big of a music person like that, I don’t really know all the artists. I remember having an iPod when I was a kid and listening to Lil Wayne. I don’t know too much music history, we’re new to it. We just do it our way. [laughs] We never even thought we’re going to do music.

Anything else you want the people to know?

DJ: We appreciate their support. We gon’ drop some fire for them, it’s coming.

Jeeezy: Let them know we’re never gonna let them down.

DJ: We’re never going to let y’all down!