Lemaire | Inscape: Joseph E. Yoakum Exhibition

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Lemaire presents Inscape, an exhibition of Native American folk artist Joseph Elmer Yoakum’s work, in celebration of the brand’s capsule collection which draws on his archive. Yoakum’s postcard tiles depict rich and diverse landscapes from all corners of the world.

His body of work marks the culmination of years of travels to every continent but Antarctica “as a hobo and a stowaway,” so he’s said to have remarked. Of the two thousand-plus landscapes he created, four now grace Lemaire’s Spring Summer 22 silk and cotton dresses, shirts and accessories, in homage to Yoakum’s escapist drawings. 

The exhibition is on show from 3-13 March 2022 at Galerie Derouillon. The pieces adorned with Yoakum’s work are available to purchase on the Lemaire website.