Crypto Enthusiast, Mando-CT Shares The Importance Of Research In Crypto

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Mando-CT is a rage on Twitter thanks to his tweets related to crypto. The crypto enthusiast loves to share his trading experience with his followers and with this his aim is to provide them value and entertainment.

Mando has 6 years of experience in crypto and 15 years of experience in overall trading. But he never claims to be a financial advisor. Mando says that none of his calls are financial advice, and his tweets are about what he is investing into himself. He likes to share his ideas for entertainment purposes only.

"I don’t ask anything for the Alpha I provide, I just want people to enjoy the journey with me and hopefully I can add value to that journey in some capacity," he says.

He further adds, "I am a member of a few whale groups in telegram but my main one is “Little Dogs” this is a fantastic closed group (Members Only) of extremely intelligent minds. We have fun but we also spend time researching projects before we invest to make sure we are all protected."

Mando started his Crypto Twitter (CT) journey when the first lockdown of the pandemic happened.  "When the lockdown first started, like everyone else I was at home with my family and started playing the PlayStation again and checking my HODL bags and charts a few times a day. After a while I started trading again and setup an account on crypto Twitter (CT) posting for fun about my ideas and the research I had carried under the alias (Mando)," he says.

2 years later, Mando is among the most popular crypto enthusiasts on Twitter and boasts of more than 70k followers.

Mando finds sharing his crypto experience on Twitter therapeutic as he loves to help his followers. 

Talking about one crypto rule he abides by is always looking for low cap crypto gems. While he craves to get maximum profit possible, he spends huge chunk of his time in research. "The crypto market is like the “Wild West” in many respects with scammers/rugs and extremely volatile swings of the coins. If you decide you want to invest in the crypto market then I would say this, be very careful and don’t ever overexpose yourself," he says.

Mando also stated “ that he had been waiting for the dip with millions of dollars patiently and now he has started entering when there is a lot of fear in the market ”

Mando has featured on the billboards at Times Square, New York and Piccadilly Circus, London. He is also a proud part of Metaverse in Bloktopia. His followers can visit his virtual office and see his crypto gem calls live.