Synesthesia | An Interactive Installation by Synesthetic Research and Design Lab

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HOT•BED has unveiled Synesthesia, a tent-like interactive installation created by Severino Alfonso and Loukia Tsafoulia of the Synesthetic Research and Design Lab at Thomas Jefferson University. Synesthesia is the first of a series of interactive installations by the Synesthetic Research and Design Lab. This presentation will be the first public viewing of Synesthesia before it travels to the ECC Architecture Biennale in Venice, Italy (May-November 2021). The engaging installation is an exploration of abstracted bodily data, projected back onto an analog interface, combining elements of man and machine. Synesthesia will be open to public viewing by appointment from February 19 - March 6, 2021. 

To make your appointment today, please reserve at https://calendly.com/hotbedappointments/synesthesia. For more information on upcoming exhibitions and events, please visit https://www.hotbedphilly.com/.