You Either Give It Your All, or You Live an Average Life – Zachary Laoutides

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Political theorists of today might well be aware of the literary text La raza cósmica. However, avid film enthusiasts are increasingly associating the term ‘la raza’ with the exemplary works created under the banner of Ave Fenix Pictures. Co-founded by Zachary Laoutides, Ave Fenix happens to be the only Latino-owned film studio in Chicago and the Midwest.

But how is it that an introverted kid with a stuttering problem managed to transform into a recognized actor and writer with his own film studio? When Zachary Laoutides was working on the sets of ‘Adios Vaya Con Dios,’ the man scarcely had any resources, such as money or equipment that you would need to make a movie. Hence, when ‘Adios’ became an official entry in the 2014 Bel Air Film Festival, Zachary’s critics were nothing short of surprised.

Even as he worked on the film, Zachary Laoutides would often tell himself and his crew, “We probably have about one percent chance of succeeding because most people who attempt to do this fail. So, if you’re not afraid of failure, let’s go for it.” Zachary was able to bring immense success to his first creation with such rare fortitude, further fueling his drive to ‘give his all to life.’

Zachary Laoutides is again set on breaking barriers within the industry through his next production, ‘Where Sweet Dreams Die.’ The production is probably the first of its kind – a rare dramatic thriller set during the ongoing pandemic.

Having been compared to legends like Montgomery Clift and Marlon Brando for his transformational acting style, it would be fair to say that Zachary Laoutides has been more than successful in carving out a name for himself in the industry. As one of Mogul’s ‘Next Generation of Hollywood’s Rising Stars,’ we are sure Zachary has much more to offer, and we eagerly look forward to the same.