Because Change is Not an Event; It's a Process

Featuring the Bottega Veneta Andiamo Bag

Written by

Photographed by

Kenji Toma

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A rolling stone gathers no moss, and craft in motion is the lotion for modern living. Bottega Veneta’s Matthieu Blazy is at it again, this time with a new manifestation of the brand’s iconic intrecciato technique—the entirely paper calf leather Andiamo—part of the outstanding Summer23 collection. Versatility abounds: the Andiamo (translating to ‘let’s go’ in Italian) can be worn over the shoulder or hand-held, and its rounded corners espouse the metamorphic ethos of the product—after all, to be still is to miss the moment.

BOTTEGA VENETA Small Andiamo in Sherbet.

World of Birth 

The birth of light gives birth to life.

Filled with light, a long time passes and eventually life comes.

Enveloped in that light, the cocoon also harbors life.

BOTTEGA VENETA Medium Andiamo in Fondant.

World of Thought 

Darkness is generally associated with evil.

But in that darkness, is actually a world most rigorous and strict.

Its silent, solemn darkness is akin to self reflection and penetrates deep into the individual's consciousness.
The darkness is the most quiet and precious place to reconsider one's own soul, and the concept of life and death.

BOTTEGA VENETA Large Andiamo in Bardo.

Prosperous World 

Countless cocoons on a pure white mountain illuminated by light.

The tower of cocoons form what looks to be a thick silk hide. Could this be the tower of God?

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