Derek Warburton Launches New Make-Up Line in Celebration of Love, Acceptance, and Freedom

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Men have only recently started appearing in cosmetics advertisements, and wearing makeup has only recently become socially acceptable. Today, however, a growing number of men are breaking down this stereotype and showing that anyone can enjoy and benefit from using cosmetics. By celebrating diversity and sharing their stories, these men inspire others to express themselves however they see fit. In addition to being a source of inspiration, these men are important role models who show that it is okay to be different. They are a much-needed breath of fresh air in a world that is often very hostile toward diversity. Gamechangers like L'Oreal, who changed their iconic slogan from "Because You're Worth It" to "Because We're All Worth It," is one example of how brands can help movements for diversity and inclusivity foster and progress. 

Not only is the history of makeup an archive of beauty standards, but it is also a chronicle of society's expectations of women based on their gender. One man who defies gender roles is Derek Fabulous founder Derek Warburton. Warburton is a diversity and inclusion strategist and innovator who also serves as an ambassador for FACE Stockholm, a makeup line that celebrates diversity and inclusion. Warburton has been a trailblazer in the beauty industry, working to promote diversity and inclusion long before it became a mainstream movement. He is now one of the most recognized faces in the industry, and his work has inspired other leaders working to create more inclusive environments. In recognition of his accomplishments, Warburton was recently awarded as New You's "Style Icon." This honor is reserved for those who have significantly impacted the industry, and Warburton truly deserves this recognition. As a role model and leader, he has helped to pave the way for a more diverse and inclusive future for everyone.

It's hard to believe that Warburton was homeless and struggling to make ends meet. But through hard work and determination, he slowly started to turn his life around. He used his early business acumen by creating the notorious character of Derek Fabulous, which he utilized to establish himself as a top stylist for A-list celebrities in Hollywood. The realization that beauty has no bounds has helped him become more receptive to others. His unique style and brilliant talent have earned him legendary status. Warburton is finally living his dream thanks to his hard work and perseverance.

He became the publisher of several online journals thanks to his considerable influence, thus proving his dedication to the diversity of viewpoints and representation and satisfying a long-standing yearning to help people less fortunate. He began publishing "Gurus Magazine," a health and wellness supplement to his high-end lifestyle magazines, in 2021. The oblique writing on the cover of each issue depicts a different image and gives the words "truth," "passion," and "authenticity" different meanings, representing the driving concept of the publication. A reader who is interested in learning more will see the hopeful side of this publisher's character.

After being moved by his words, FACE co-founders Gun Nowak and Martina Arfwidson worked with Warburton to formulate a comprehensive collection which Warburton called the Equality Collection. The whole net proceeds from the sales of the collection are being donated to GLSEN to support student-led movements combating discrimination and harassment based on gender expression. Warburton elaborates, "In return for the gift of life that allowed me to develop into the man I am now, I felt obligated to make apologies with the child I once was. I hope no child ever has to go through what I went through because of who they are. I'm doing this in the hopes that it will start a snowball effect of kindness." Celebrities, models, and even a monarch were in attendance at the line's launch party. Makeup created with Warburton's one-of-a-kind color palettes was featured in many foreign publications. The curated collection's vibrant colors and lighthearted vibe were well received at the global showcase. 

Warburton explains why the beauty star mogul and campaigner joyfully wears so many hats when asked what it means to be an icon worldwide. "It's someone who defines themselves. It's been said that you've always stood out from the crowd and been the brightest star. I don't think my light has been any brighter than before. But, just now, I put my storytelling skills to work for the benefit of others. So when you dedicate time to developing in this way, it shows. When you take the time to help other people, you will find success."

The Derek Fabulous line is releasing its second season with FACE Stockholm with the "Boundless" makeup collection. Warburton responded to questions about his upcoming Boundless collection by saying, "We wanted to create a line that honored the many ways to be beautiful and the freedom to express oneself through one's appearance. I like to live as much as possible with my head in the clouds. One of my life's ambitions is to attain immortality while maintaining my youthful spirit. Neither social expectations nor insecurity has stopped me from expressing my full range of masculine and feminine qualities. I fuse the timeless with the pinnacle of self-expression."

This is encouraging news for Warburton and anyone else who works in the cosmetics industry and would like to see more representation of people of different backgrounds. The media guru has declared, "I'm hoping that by putting together this collection, we can all have a conversation about freedom of expression. I believe we have the potential to mold ourselves into anything we can imagine. To anyone of any gender identity or expression, my collection is an invitation to feel beautiful and at ease in their skin."

The Boundless collection represents freedom in all forms – expression, creativity, acceptance, understanding, and love. The collection is more than just a palette of makeup. It is a beacon for all who desire to be free of what society deems to be the "standard" of beauty.

By using his platform to promote acceptance, inclusion, and understanding, Warburton is setting a powerful example for others to follow. Through his creations and advocacy, he is helping make the world a better place by embracing diversity and celebrating individuality. By creating an environment where everyone can be their true selves without fear of judgment or hatred, Warburton is paving the way for a more diverse and inclusive future through beauty and makeup.

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