Hubble Studio | Feed the Models

A campaign against unrealistic body standards.

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Hubble Studio launches their “Feed the Models” campaign as a reaction to the decades-old notion that models must be extremely thin to find success within the modeling industry. Hubble strives to relieve the pressure caused by unrealistic standards, and instead encourages those in the industry to pursue health and happiness. This campaign is fitting for Hubble, a popular photography studio in downtown Los Angeles that works adjacently with models daily. Creative director Braden Myus further explains his goal with the campaign and his overall perception of body image within the industry. 

What inspired you to start this campaign?

Braden: I saw an opportunity with this campaign to make an impactful promotion around inclusivity and community-building while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Our creative agency brought my vision to life with the Feed the Models campaign. For years, I’ve experienced the feeling of not being worthy enough for a particular fashion show or photoshoot, only to find out all of my friends in the industry have felt the same. Our world is built on a false reality of filters and unrealistic standards. We want to normalize the truth behind the scenes of this industry while promoting an ideal way of healthy living.

Hubble Studio is a blank canvas, allowing any vision to come to life. Our team embodies a culture unlike any other and it was surreal to create a campaign that we hope positively impacts and inspires our generation to live life to the fullest. As a company, our mission is to make our clients, friends and community really feel comfortable in their own skin. When they come here, they can relax, be themselves and not feel like they have to live up to some unrealistic expectation. That being said, we always strive to set high standards of excellence within the industry and push all stereotypes.

Do you have some examples of what Hubble considers realistic standards for healthy living for models? How does Hubble exhibit those standards in the workplace?

We not only select our models based on their appearance but also based on their personality and who they are as an individual. We have personal relationships with our talent and we really vouch for our team. It’s more of a fun, healthy living type of environment rather than a restrictive construct. We know we can’t change the past, but we can acknowledge the part it has played in enforcing a punishingly niche beauty ideal and commit to doing better. We are creating an inclusive environment opposed to a historically exclusive approach.

How did you bring the campaign messaging to life?

We recreated DaVinci’s painting of The Last Supper with nine models all wearing custom pieces with Feed the Models printed on them. It was one of the most light hearted and enjoyable shoots I have ever been involved with. We had a beautiful dining table and our creative team curated a spread fit for a king. It was not just for show either, everyone was eating and drinking wine. After the shoot, we went to Craig’s with our creative team and all the models to celebrate the shoot.

Creative Director: Braden Myus

Producer: Vendela Jordan

Photographer: Jason Renaud

Models: Neels Visser, Laurel Thoma, Moxley, Madison Wade, Valentina CY, Josephine Chumley, Laura Miranda, Sona, Quintana Hoyne

Stylist: Alvaro Vasquez

Studio: Hubble Studio

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