Arushi Kapoor | Lindsay Dawn 'Lawless Reflections' Opening Show

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Arushi Kapoor is opening her one of a kind art warehouse with Lawless Reflections, a solo show by Lindsay Dawn. Focusing on shining a light on emerging and female artists and local businesses, ARUSHI will also be the first gallery in Los Angeles to present works from Indian progressive masters, and aboriginal Southeast Asian and African diaspora artists.

At only 24 years old, the Flaunt alum is already an art dealer, consultant, and author with acclaimed galleries in the US, UK, and India. The 12,000 square foot, converted warehouse, opening on the Eastside of LA, will act as both an invite-only art gallery and an artisanal marketplace, proving that Kapoor is not stopping any time soon.

The opening show, Lawless Reflections, takes us through a journey of Dawn’s process of self-reflection. Emphasizing the importance of observing the relationship between our innermost self and the experiences rooted in us that translate into our layered personalities. Always, from an unrestricted, ego-less perspective.

Flaunt talked to Kapoor about ARUSHI, Lindsay Dawn’s opening show, and the future of the gallery.

ARUSHI by Mara Friedman FLAUNT 2.jpg
ARUSHI by Mara Friedman FLAUNT 2.jpg

Did you always want to open a space like ARUSHI?

ARUSHI was always unconsciously in the making. We work with over 300 art galleries across the world in the secondary market and have 3 locations—Los Angeles, London and New Delhi for the secondary market dealings. It was time for us to open our own space and work with emerging artists we truly believe in. Our permanent space in Echo Park called by its namesake ARUSHI is a place where we promote contemporary and abstract female artists. We are creating an environment to cultivate an environment where artists can develop their personal styles while working in a space that promotes unity and growth in the art world. We guide our artists and place them in environments that are best for them.

Why did you want to open your own space?

ARUSHI has been doing pop up exhibitions across the world for years. We did the first South Indian vernacular exhibition in Los Angeles about 3 years ago ago in a pop up space in Culver city about four years ago and have done exhibitions every few months consistently since then. After the pandemic, I felt there was a safe space needed for communities to gather. It felt the right time, and the right step for our expansion.

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What made you choose Lindsay Dawn's Lawless Reflections as your opening show?

I met Lindsay about a year ago. It wasn't an official meeting. I bumped into her so now that I think of it, I would say it was destiny. Her work was mesmerizing. At the time she was focusing on portraits, which she is amazing at. She wanted to make another kind of art. Her own style. Her style was unique. A combination of figurative and abstract that evoked sentiments and promoted conversation. For me, it's important to connect with artists as people. I got to know her and her art and she was the obvious choice for the show. Destiny made our show together sellout within the first week.

Who are some of the artists you’d like to exhibit at ARUSHI?

I am focusing on female artists with quality artworks and asset value.

The opening ceremony of ARUSHI photographed by Mara Friedman.

The opening ceremony of ARUSHI photographed by Mara Friedman.

The opening ceremony of ARUSHI photographed by Mara Friedman.

The opening ceremony of ARUSHI photographed by Mara Friedman.

How did you decide on an art warehouse as opposed to a traditional gallery space?

The art warehouse is the amalgam of our commercialism in the art world and love for emerging art. It's not a quintessential gallery. It welcomes everybody. We allocate artworks on a first come first serve basis so everybody gets an equal chance to acquire the works. The space isn't perfect. It's rugged. It's getting there. Just like we are.

What do you hope for the future of ARUSHI?

We hope to continue growing with our artists. We hope to build a community of artists that are united in promoting each other. Just like a family. We hope to build ARUSHI as a household name in the emerging art world.

The opening ceremony of ARUSHI photographed by Mara Friedman.

The opening ceremony of ARUSHI photographed by Mara Friedman.

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