CHXRRY22 | Defines 'The Other Side' in Debut EP

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Photographed by Lexis Rother

After the release of her debut single “The Falls,” R&B artist Chxrry shares her debut EP today—The Other Side. “The Other Side is about coming to terms with duality—we all have two sides,” says Chxrry22. “We can be both the villain and the victim in some story and this is me owning that." The Other Side consists of seven tracks exploring themes of inner battles, duality, and yearning for old love featuring the songs “Alone,” “Wasteland,” “Do it Again,” “Call Me,” “The Falls,” “Us” and, “The Other Side.”

Photographed by Gunner Stahl

Utilizing melodic harmonies and soft beats throughout the EP, Chxrry22 creates a nuanced storytelling experience. The track “The Other Side” features rhythmic beats paired with the sound of a harp lightly playing in the background; a novel take on classic R&B. The artist consistently pulls from her personal experiences and translates them into lyrics—adding a sense of vulnerability to her music.

Photographed by Lexis Rother

As a fresh voice for R&B, the singer places importance on her career and prioritizing herself in relationships. After putting her music online in 2017, the Toronto-born singer gained praise and packed up her career to Atlanta where she first started recording. Now signed with XO and Republic Records, Chxrry is just getting started and breaking into the music world with full force. Stream The Other Side now!