Danielle Vasinova Joins Bryan Hopkins on the “Heroes Journey Podcast”

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Podcasts have become increasingly popular because they allow multitasking while listening to them. They are also great platforms to learn new things as each podcast focuses on a different topic. Some podcasts discuss business tips and how you can make it in the entrepreneurial space, while others share inspiring stories, such as the Heroes Journey Podcast

Heroes Journey Podcast has recently brought Danielle Vasinova on board as the show's co-host. Danielle and Bryan’s unique approach has helped the Heroes Journey Podcast grow a large following over the last seven months and expand their show. 

According to Danielle, the opportunity to co-host The Heroes Journey is a great opportunity as she will get to do something she has always loved as she shares her story with her growing fan base. While Heroes Journey Podcast brings together actors/actresses and other players in the entertainment industry, the podcast also provides a platform where Danielle and her co-host help listeners understand that they are the heroes of their stories and that it’s important to fight for yourself. 

Danielle is a celebrated actress, model, and businesswoman. She has been in the modeling industry since she was 13 years old and has appeared in several films, including Red Dead, where she plays Denise Knox, the sheriff's wife. Danielle also stars in the animated action-adventure Shinjuku. She has guest starred in series like Dexter, Nip/Tuck, and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

But Danielle’s journey as a multi-talented actor and model has not been easy. She has faced many obstacles on her journey, from people not believing in her to narrowly escaping death when she contracted Covid-19 at the beginning of the pandemic. In December 2019, Danielle was rushed to the hospital unconscious. Danielle had been on a drip for almost a week, and according to her doctor, she had a slim chance of surviving.

Danielle flatlined, and she had to be resuscitated. But her condition was not getting any better. Danielle had complete organ failure the following day, and it was even harder to treat her as it wasn't clear what was causing this. Danielle came to find out later that she had COVID-19. 

Danielle's inspiring story and experience make her a great co-host of the Heroes Journey Podcast. She now uses her platforms to help others who have been through similar life-changing experiences, something she wishes to continue on the Heroes Journey Podcast. By joining hands with Bryan on The Heroes Journey, she aims to use this podcast to encourage and empower their listeners.

From someone who was a lone wolf for most of her school years and had a tough time fitting in, Danielle is now an accomplished actor, model, entrepreneur, and podcaster who never shies away from speaking her mind; once she starts something, she has to finish it. She believes that failing doesn't mean you should give up but that it is an indication to keep honing your skills. Her resilient spirit and go-getter attitude are part of what helped her get into modeling at the age of 13 and cement her spot in the entertainment industry.