DJ_Dave | Producing Pop With Code

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Photographed by Clyde Munroe.

DJ_Dave is taking pop music to the future. The artist’s new release, “Still Miss U,” was produced by livecoding, a process where writing code outputs music. Not only is the technique new and exciting, but DJ_Dave has proven herself to be a master of the craft. Her first single, “Easy,” was featured on Apple Music’s New Music Daily playlist and Zane Lowe’s radio show.

As a queer and female producer, DJ_Dave is already making strides in the newfound fluidity of the DJing industry, balancing both the music world and tech world in the palms of her hands, including DJing at Elon Musk and Grimes’ MET afterparty.

The NYC-based synth-pop star is rewriting the “women in tech” narrative all the while attracting devoted fans to dance with her along the way. “Still Miss U” samples Kitty’s 2014 track while inserting her own tech-savvy swagger between every note, and she leads the way for a new music/tech crossover. DJ_Dave says of the release, “I first heard Kitty’s song ‘Miss U’ exactly as I began making my first songs as DJ_Dave. The track really helped me start forming my own sound and direction, so much so that I bought the vocal stem off of Bandcamp—the first time I’d ever done that. I immediately had a vision for this song, utilizing these vocals as a sample, and bringing a staple favorite track of mine into this new world & sound. Hence the title ‘Still Miss U’"

“Still Miss U” is available on music platforms now.

Photographed by Ragan Hendersen.