Hermès H24 | Dear Bird, How Many Selves Must You Vanquish?

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The unassuming swift is one of the avian world’s true miracle characters. Swifts fly 10 months out of the year, mating and “sleeping” (also known as unihemispheric slow-waving) while in flight, rarely ever touching the ground. For the swift, it’s almost as if time has no beginning or end, for how do we measure the passage of a day without periodic grounding or slumber? Then, what might that liminal suspension smell like? Enter H24, the new men’s fragrance from Hermès. Sage, narcissus, rosewood, sclarene—sensuous, bright, and airy elements, which dissolve the hands of time and give flight to emotions... perhaps thus unsung.


Photographer: Kanji Ishii at Farimah Milani

Photo Assistants: George Kurokawa & Claire Wu

Post Production: Jet Set New York

Producer: Dayane Ohira