Jennaske | New York Hottie Proves The “Grind Don’t Stop”

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It’s honestly hard not to fall in love with Jennaske. Beyond her talents as a musician, dancer, and overall entertainer, it’s her contagious, bubbly personality that audiences can’t help but love and appreciate. Rocking her Haitian and Arabian heritage proudly, the Queens, New York native built a core following posting explosive freestyles and funny skits on social media—even standing out on popular VH1 show: Love & Hip Hop: New York.

Describing herself as “unapologetic, goofy, smart, witty, and a hard worker,” Jennaske has been putting in the work behind-the-scenes, with a forward mindset of always getting to the bag and never taking no for an answer. Following the release of her last visual for “Trust,” the rising star has been shooting videos back to back, preparing for the exciting new content to come in the new year.

Formerly going by Jenna Love, real name Rebecca Pierre steps into her shoes as Jennaske—ready to unleash her forthcoming single titled “Grind Don’t Stop.” Flaunt caught up with Jennaske via Zoom, as we bonded over the joy in having puppies. Read below as we discuss her upbringing in Queens, her dancing career, inspo behind “Trust,” her time doing reality television, love for fashion, the reality of the grind, time on Clubhouse, and more!


You’re from Queens, New York, what was that like growing up?

It was pretty cool. I grew up in a very strict home, my mother was a single parent. She was raising 3 kids on her own. She was a little bit strict because she wanted us to have the best in life and come up well. At first I was into school so much but as I got older, I realized I was in school because of the sports, the activities, and dancing. I was going there for that, I wasn’t going there because I was so fond of school. As I got older and strayed away from school, it was a difficult relationship me and my mother were building.

Biggest influences coming up?

Growing up, my biggest influence was Missy Elliot top-notch. I love her, she’s so freaking dope. I listened to Lil Kim, Nicki, Eve and all them. I used to dance for celebrities back in the day so I was hardcore into Missy, I was obsessed with her. 

You started dancing at age 15, did you want to be a dancer as a career?

At first I always wanted to be a dancer. That used to be my thing but seeing what it was like, I didn’t really like it.

You worked with everyone from 50 Cent, Fetty Wap, Desiigner, and Remy Ma. Fondest memories?

That’s a really good question. Being able to network and be around people I never in life thought I’d be around, it was putting me into a whole different world. I was introduced to celebrities at the age of 16. Once you’re at that age, oh my gosh. You’re seeing people on television then you’re seeing them in person, it’s like whoa. My highlight was being introduced to the whole industry and actually being used to it. I remember everyone said “you were doing a video with Desiigner!” I’m like “so?” [laughs]

At what point did you realize this music thing was forreal?

I had finished performing for an artist, then we went back to the studio. He’s playing a couple of beats, he’s having a problem coming up with some verses. I was bobbing and vibing to it, coming up with flows. That’s when I peeped, ooh maybe I could actually get into the artistry side. I could always dance for myself, so that was cool. 

You released “Trust” at the end of last year, who or what inspired this record?

It’s me having trust issues, end all be all. I can’t really trust anybody. Doesn’t matter what the situation is, I find myself not being able to trust anybody. Maybe I’m self-reflecting on my own personal issues where I feel like I can’t open up to anybody. Even though I’m saying I can’t  really trust these n*ggas, I’m meaning everybody in general. 

What were you trying to convey in the visual?

I have 3 music videos out. With all of the visuals I’m doing, I want everyone to see growth. The “Trust” video is portraying hey, I’m dating this dude in the hood. He’s into certain things and I’m risking my own life trying to be down for him and making sure we both make money. At the end of the day, I still end up looking stupid. The concept of the video is it doesn’t matter how much I do for a man, how much I risk my own life or morals for a man, I end up still looking stupid. Why so to say I can’t trust dudes. 

One thing you want fans to get from “Finesse”?

“Finesse” is hardcore how I really am. I’m super versatile with my music so I sing and do everything. I have so many different sides of me. I know how artists may have different personalities, but I have different moods. One day I’ll talk sexy, one day I’ll talk about money and scamming, one day I’ll talk being aggressive. “Finesse” is my hard true core nature, that's really how I am. I understand I have to be versatile and switch it up all the time. I have so many sides of me, but that’s my dominant side.

Pros & cons of Love & Hip Hop: New York?

Love & Hip-Hop: New York was really dope. Pros were being on different platforms. Cons, I didn’t have that much drama in my life. It was a place where I realized “maybe this isn’t for me. Maybe this isn’t where I want to step into and stay in.” At the end of the day, it was a great experience. I try all of the experiences. As an upcoming artist, hey if someone wants to give you an opportunity to be on television, let’s be on television. Just make sure you don’t make yourself look like a fool. 

Your motto is “do better than your last week,” how important is the grind?

It’s making sure you’re your only competition and your hardest competition. If you accomplished something 10 years ago and you haven’t done anything, what the hell are you doing? Or if you did something one month and you haven’t done something the next month, you're lacking consistency. Do better than what you did last week is keep yourself up on your P’s and Q’s, making sure you’re elevating yourself weekly. 

3 things you need in the studio?

Honestly I need water, ginger ale, and Twizzlers. [laughs]

What’s your love for fashion?

I want to be able to tap into a new sense of fashion, but I know it comes with putting in a certain amount of work and making sure I’m seeing in certain ways. I definitely want to get into more different versatile fashion: edgy things. Crazy shoulder pieces or crazy pieces where it makes me stand out. I want to do things people don’t ever do, like the step out the box. 

Favorite fashion brands and looks? 

I love Louis Vuitton and I love keeping it simple. Regular v-neck and leggings, or booty shorts. I keep it super simple. Here and there, I’ll wear some cute body pieces. I’m really on the simple side. 

Talk about shooting back to back videos the past few weeks.

That felt amazing to me, I love everything about it. I get tired when I come home, but I wake up and feel so accomplished. Okay I did this yesterday, today I need to do this. Or tomorrow I have to definitely do this. As long as I’m doing 2 or 3 things a week, I’m perfectly fine and happy. 

How was linking with Kodak Black on “Die With You”?

That was cool. We have a friendship, he's cool. 

How did you guys meet?

In the DMs. [laughs] He hit me in the DMs. 

How did you establish relationships with rappers in the industry? 

On Clubhouse, I'm starting to be cool with a lot of people. Clubhouse is really dope. It depends, you have to have your group of people and wing it like that. If you go in jumping everywhere, you’re going to feel annoyed because everyone talks over each other. If you’re familiar with everyone there, it’s more of a fun discussion than a discussion you’re listening to like what the hell’s going on?

What are some of your favorite rooms?

The SlaughterHouse. I like the networking ones, but the networking ones are so boring. I literally will fall asleep, I feel like I’m in class with the networking ones. What’s so crazy is I know all the information they’re talking about but in case I missed something, I still go back there. Maybe I am bored because I already know the basics of what they’re teaching. 

Goals yourself as an artist at this point of your career?

Making sure I drop at least 10 music videos this year. I want to do an award show, at least one award show. I want to do one live acapella performance on a major network. 

What song are you doing?

I’d do either “Finesse” or “Like That.” I love “Like That.” It depends on where I’m doing it, I can’t do it on something that’s more for kids. If it’s for kids, I’ll do something like “Myself” because it’s more appropriate.

What can we expect next? 

I’m dropping “Grind Don’t Stop” on January 27th, that’s my next single I’m going to be promoting. The visuals will drop the same day too.

Anything else you’d like to let us know?

I appreciate everyone that’s been supporting me from the beginning, because it’s been a rough journey for me. For anyone who does support me, I appreciate them.