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Jourdin Pauline is the Guyanese pop princess, and she’s here to take over the entertainment industry. Boasting 1.2 million followers on Instagram alone, the recording artist, actress, influencer, entrepreneur, and fashionista stands as a role model to females all around the globe that if she can make her wildest dreams come true, then so can you.

Coming from Guyana and arriving in the United States at age 6, Jourdin had to go out there, grind, and get it on her own. Through hard work, dedication, passion, and of course, talent, it wasn’t long until the rest of the world fell in love with her voice and beauty. Plus, she’s been doing everything independently, proving you don’t need a major label to “make it” in this day and age.

2021 was a big year for Jourdin, as she unveiled her debut EP titled Love Songs About Nobody.

The 10-track project is spearheaded by lead singles “Toxic (Errbody)” and “Lustful Desires,” both of which are paired with cinematic visuals that see Jourdin in her most vibrant state. Come January, fans can expect the deluxe to the project, unveiling her first ever features and collaborations. 

On the 28th episode of Shirley’s Temple, I spoke with Jourdin Pauline about starring in her first ever feature film, taking acting classes, why she’s a closet smoker, her fashion sense, roots in Guyana, wanting to make an actual change, growing up in South Central LA, why she remained independent, her mental health & meditating, Love Songs About Nobody deluxe arriving January, her philanthropy work, working with a personal trainer, jump roping while singing her EP all the way through, preparing herself for greatness, relationship with her mom, wanting to be at the 2023 Grammys, and more!

How have you been?

Busy, I’ve been very busy. I just shot a movie. My first feature film, I'm the star in it. Was just in Alabama filming that, it was really fun. I'm actually leaving, I'll be gone for about two more months filming another two roles. 

How does it feel being an actress? 

I needed it, because it helped me to express my vulnerability. I've always had a wall up, like “ahh people!” Being an actress, you have to be really raw. You have to let all guards down. I’m actually feeling it.

Did you have to go to acting classes? 

I did already. I did a whole 4-year course, 4 years ago with John Ruskin in South Bay. I like to make myself busy, because why not? [laughs] 

Can you talk about the film at all? 

I have the NDA sign. It's a mind twister, it's a good movie.

You said you just went public that you smoke now?

Yes, I was a closet smoker. I’m Guyanese, so my mom is very strict. So tattoos, I had to sneak and get my tattoo. She didn't know, I have one tattoo that’s about this big. [motions hands] It’s on my side. It says “priceless.” Go stream “Priceless” out now. But you know, just out of respect for my mama. 

I mean, you got your own weed girl!

Right, I have my own strain. Honestly, I've been so busy that I haven't even had time for it. But now, it's back in production. I'm revamping the whole thing, new bags. Every time, every chance we get, we could advance in something. Look at you, girl. This is amazing. I love Shirley’s Temple. 

Thank you so much! I want to talk about your fashion. Those boots are everything!

These are Chloe, part of their rainboot collection. My mom calls these my Betty Boop boots, she makes fun of me. [laughs] I like to keep my style expressive, whatever I'm really feeling. I try to stay away from black, but I'm wearing black today. I like to mix it with hoochie, high fashion meets princess vibes. I love sparkles.

Sad I didn't see you, but you were decked out in the Guyanese flag at Cardi B’s birthday! 

I was in and out. It was fun, really fun. A lot of people don't know what the Guyanese flag is, which is crazy. A lot of people were asking me what my flag was. That’s why I'm putting GT on, period! 

What was it like growing up there in Guyana? 

It was more simpler times. Get whoopings with bamboo sticks, walking to school. Alligators being in your refrigerator still alive because your uncle didn't cook it yet, it’s crazy. It was amazing, I can't wait to go back. I'm going to build some property out there. When JP goes ghost, just know I'm in Guyana making it better for my people.

What does it mean to be able to do that, given your platform? 

This is what I'm here to do. This is literally what I'm here to do. What's the point of not using your blessings and your gifts to make the world better? That's really really what I strive to do with my platform, and who I am overall is to be an actual change for a better generation to come. 

How do you do that?

Taking it day by day I guess. It’s hard, heavy is the head that wears the crown, but I'm taking on duty. I am stepping firm into it. Of course as I get bigger as an artist, I'm able to do more. So we’re taking it day by day. 

It’s crazy to me you actually grew up in South Central LA. How was that? 

I came from Guyana, stayed here my whole life. It was a culture shock, for sure. I tried to do the school thing, got bullied. Kids are really mean, they cleaned me up quick. But it was fun, I'm happy we went to South Central. It wasn't too much of a change because I’m from a third world country, so I went to the hood. Oh okay, this is what it’s like? 

How’s your mental health? 

It’s stable. It's sane, and it's stable. Hallelujah. Especially in this time, people easily can go crazy. Spirits be jumping on people like that, [snaps] so I'm very grateful. Of course, we have our times. The time of seasonal depression right now is coming. It's winter and the depression rate goes up from fall to winter. I entered my day with grace and gratitude. Manifestation, prayer, staying firm in my goals and vision. Seeing the bigger picture.

Do you meditate? 

Yeah, all the time. I literally can't start my morning without prayer and meditation. I think I spend about an hour and 30 minutes before I get out of bed. 

Wait, that's commitment! 

I have to bro, because I'm already a Virgo. I already get irritated by the tiniest things. I have to make sure: “okay Jourdin, you're good?” We have to have a truth with myself. Even if you're waking up and you know you don't wake up for another two hours, having frequency playing in the back of your sleep. That's a cheat code. Frequency, you can play it on YouTube. Rising Higher Meditations is one of my favorites. It's 12-hour videos on Youtube, you can listen to it when you go to sleep. 

That’s what I need! Because I'm anxious. 

Oh my god! Try it out girl, 3 days in a row. It’ll change your life, I’m serious.  

What do you do for self-care?

Sleep. Right now, it's sleep because I wake up so early and got so much to do. Then I've got to go to sleep. I like to get my nails done, fresh set of nails. Toes done. Lashes done.

What can we expect from Love Songs About Nobody deluxe? 

Deluxe coming soon, January. It's Pauline's birthday month too, my grandmother Pauline. Features, I never dropped a feature with anybody. I gotta surprise y'all. Because every time I say an artist's name in an interview, another person will be like “oh, that's a good idea.”

How does it feel to have your first project out? 

Oh my God, that’s a dream. That's all I dreamt about as a kid, is having my own body of work out. I could go back to, look at, listen to. [laughs]

How’d you know it was ready?

Shit, a long time. Since I started music I was always aiming for it, but my harddrive got stolen. A man at Paramount stole my harddrive. You know those male prostitutes? It was one of them.

I guess my car was parked out in the front and they saw my bag. It was so crazy, like milliseconds. Seriously, it was so quick. I was like, “what the fuck?” It was crazy. 

I've had my car broken into in LA... 

It's disrespectful, you feel violated. Why? 

How is the industry for you?

I love it. Right now, I have my moments where “okay, this is what y’all on? Alright.” But I'm very grateful for my journey. I'm very grateful for my pace, because greatness isn't overnight. I'ma wake up one night and it's going to be overnight, but I've been preparing myself to be great. I don't want to sit here and say “oh, I've been doing this for two months. And now…” That's cool, but I feel like you'd rather have marinated meat than processed. [laughs] 

Are you independent?

Yes. I'm still independent. You know, dedication. Don't get me wrong, I’m going to sign real soon. But I'm very happy I”ve been independent for so long because I cultivated who I am. I know who I am, so you can't microwave me into something that I'm not. Now once that opportunity comes in, y’all will be like “I already know who Jourdin Pauline is.” ‘Cause what I am is already working.

And you’re acting! How do you have time?

Oh shit, just doing it. I'm here to be a blessing. What I'm doing, I have to put my people on. I have to put my people in position. If an opportunity comes, I’m like “Fuck I gotta do this too?” I just gotta do it. I don't even think about it, I blackout. I just do it.

Last time we spoke, you and your mom made an organization to help people with AIDS.

What other philanthropy work are you into?

This Christmas holiday season, I'm doing something for the kids and single mothers. I'm doing a turkey drive, and I'm doing a clothes drive for the homeless with my friend Kudy?. She has a clothing line called Only Accepting Blessings, so we're going to be giving away mad clothes. Do not give your clothes to Goodwill guys, it’s a scam! Don't do that. Go give it to some homeless people, some shoes. Please go. If you have shoes you don't want to wear, go give it to some homeless people.

I'm working on organizations like that right now. As they grow. I'ma step more into children of abuse, help that. Of course, take care of GT. A lot of clothes drives and iPhone drives to Guyana, for sure.

How often do you go back? 

I'm going back in December. It’s going to be so much fun. 

What are you most excited for? 

To see my great grandmother. She's 98. She lived a good life. She still be walking to church, hair down her back. Got boyfriends, but they all die. She’s like “my boyfriend died this week, now I got a new boyfriend.” [laughs] I swear bro, that’s her. She's scared to fly so she doesn’t come at all. Been here one time. 

Do they know that you're becoming this superstar? 

They know through Facebook. Thank God for Facebook. Facebook is amazing. It's one of the biggest, the most people on social media. It's 2.6 billion on Facebook? I honestly don't be on Facebook. [laughs] I love you guys though. I try my best sometimes. I'm going to tap back into it. But social media honestly, I barely have time for Instagram. That's a lot of work. Now, I'm just waiting. I respect Playboi Carti because he doesn't post. He never posts, he has 3 pictures. He only posts at a time, when he feels like really.

I see you in the gym, you be looking snatched.

I have a trainer. He's a boxing trainer, he's not nothing to play with. He’s serious serious. I really did need it because as a performer, I have a bunch of shows coming up. It's all about building your stamina. I jump rope. I do my whole EP, jump rope straight through, singing my whole EP.

How long is your EP? 

It's 25 minutes, 30. I stop 4 songs in, but only 15 second breaks. I just want to do it now. I want to be my greatest, most highest self. I worked up to it for sure. Quarantine put me through a different state. I was thick. Looking back, I’m like “why nobody tell me?” Y'all just had me outside. I’m just grateful I’m seeing it now.

What’s worked for you? Working out, are you eating healthy too?

Oh yeah, eating skinny eats. Sushi, even though sushi got rice on it. Sushi’s good, it’s healthy. No rice, no potatoes. Not really eating chips. I've been drinking Mike’s Hard Lemonade though. [laughs] Working out, then not eating too late. 

I had Rosa Acosta on Shirley’s Temple, her secret is she doesn’t snack. Shook!

Shook, whoa. Discipline. Not to snack, what? I'm a snacker bro, I think that's where my problem is. I’m like “ooh, what's a snack? Let me get a snack before I eat dinner.” Don’t snack? I’ma try that out. Snacking is probably what it really is. 

You kill it with the music videos, what’s your favorite one you’ve made?

I'm shooting the “Deep” video, that one's going to be my favorite. Sexy, that's going to be more sexy. 

What does your mom think about the sexy? 

She's like “girl, do what you got to do. You grown, do what you want to do. Just bring that money home.” [laughs] Real life.

How do you feel to be able to take care of her?

Oh my god, it’s a dream. I just want to shut her up. I love you mama. [laughs] I really do. 

“Lustful Desires” video is one of your favorites too. Talk about bringing that song to life.

Oh my gosh. It was difficult because when great things are approaching, we get a lot of distractions. There was little stupid stuff on set, but we got through it. I'm very proud of that video. 

What’re you most excited for?

The Deluxe! That's coming very soon, January top of the year. Go stream it because I really want to be at the 2023 Grammys. I was aiming for 2022, but you know…

She got pulled into acting. 

I got pulled into acting, so let's run that up guys.