Misha Bender: Recession What?!

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The new set of entrepreneurs appears to be different from those they surpassed in previous years. Misha Bender is one of the new cast to hit the entrepreneurial scene and coined as an Ecommerce Crypto NFT entrepreneur. 

But what does that mean exactly? Entrepreneurs are seldom easily classified and sit across investment classes. Misha, in that sense, is no different than others of the same ilk, but that's where the ties end. He has made a business of not just trading crypto assets but also diversified into e-commerce, marketing, and software development.

Looking at how successful crypto assets can be along with investing, Misha decided to create an integrated investment platform. The philosophy behind this is simple, give people the ability to become independent through investing and get away from the 9-5 lifestyle. Trading and investment have helped Misha gain wealth, and he wants everyone to have the potential to do the same!

For those who have never heard of Misha, he is the son of Lawrence Bender, who you may remember from a little unknown film called 'Pulp Fiction'. Growing up, Misha spent time doing cameos in his father's environmental films. He was often on his father's sets and met hundreds of celebrities but, for some reason, felt he was in his father's shadow and never followed him. 

Instead, he set out to make his own money and left school early. So many entrepreneurs do this at an early age once they reach enlightenment that education can be gathered along the way when creating wealth. He also learned that knowing something isn't wisdom, and this is gained from experience. His experience in business has been highly successful and allowed him to step into many diverse projects as he's gone on.   

This was coincidentally the same school Elon Musk sent his kids to; in fact, Misha is a close family friend. As you can imagine, an entrepreneur that moves in both creative and powerful circles can achieve a lot. Strangely though, he doesn't leverage his friendships to help gain a competitive advantage in whatever marketplace he's looking to. 

Currently, Misha has used the coding he learned during the development of the messenger app to create a new platform called Eden. He has recently teamed up with an Asian company to produce it and is heavily invested in it. The Eden platform is designed for eCommerce and marketing products and is something that plays to Misha's business strengths.