Flaunt Premiere | Saint Rien Pairs Politically-Charged Video for “Tell The Truth”

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Los Angeles-based artist, multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter and producer Saint Rien has now paired his debut song “Tell The Truth” with adequate visuals, premiered today exclusively on Flaunt. The incredibly imaginative music video further explains the song’s message through sophisticated imagery, opening up with a close-up of George Washignton who famously “couldn’t tell a lie.”

Saint Rien goes on shedding light on the lies, fabrications and manipulation of truths and facts, whether within the American educational system or the media, the reveal being to suggest that there is production involved, even when it comes to the news.

The music video itself is a masterpiece. A striking debut project, “Tell The Truth” is a cocktail of nocturnal neo-soul, hip pop, and alternative rock. 

The former key songwriter and singer of the Australian band Storm The Sky has now shifted towards a solo career, and the first glimpse of it is as powerful as it is inspiring.  The final scene of the music video is one of pure satire, but with a very ominous message. Joe Biden and Trump simulating intercourse with each other, though funny at first, is literally saying, “They’re all in bed together.” As hard of a pill as it is to swallow, Saint Rien is saying there isn’t a political party that cares about you as an individual, or us as a collective. Only in themselves, their investors, and whatever will get them votes.

The song and the video are aimed at the mass media and political structure, how they’ve continuously (and without even an attempt at subtlety) put themselves and their own agendas before the people that need help, visually points out what it feels like to be ushered violently through the fear and hate being spread via all news and social media channels.

Speaking on the release, Saint states, “Speak out and don’t be afraid to feel your fucking feelings.”

Saint Rien has a Bowie-esque mystique vividly felt throughout the astonishing soundscape for “Tell The Truth” in which seemingly far apart genres merge effortlessly. With both a single and a music video for “Tell The Truth,” Saint Rien positions himself as a key emerging indie artist, and himself the ideal spokesperson for the youth pointing out how broken the whole system is, as Bob Dylan once was.