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In this evocative heartbreak ballad, Rockie Brown digs deep into self-awareness, the likes that could play right under Rue and Jules' (HBO's "Euphoria") final breakup scene. Except here, it's just Rockie. 

Last Word opens with a ghostly sound, a single piano chord, and then Brown lays bare, "It comes back to me as soon as it gets cold outside. But I've been better off without you." A story she finds all too familiar. 

Never one to be boxed in, and coming off the heels of her EDM banger "Alive," the dark-pop artist took to the mirror on this one. 

"Last Word" follows Brown's breakout singles “Soul Sister Retribution”, and "Shoo-Bop," both tagging the indie landmark of 1 million streams. 

Brown writes, "I am so happy my music is finding its audience! It's crazy. And it comes with some responsibility. I just had someone message me saying "Alive" saved their life. I never in my wildest dreams imagined people would be so affected by my music. Here's hoping Last Word brings some much-needed self-empowerment... I know it did for me!"

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