yellowpop | A conversation with co-founder Jeremy Cortial

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It’s true. We’ve recently spent more time inside than any period in recent memory, and while the drama that’s gone down “out there”— in the world—has been has been dismaying, disproportionate, and tragic, certain industries have seen some serious shape-shifting and upward trending. Florals, home entertainment systems, furniture, art—most seem to be enjoying something of a renewed interest and enthusiasm for bespoke.

And thanks be! Because the misfortunate couldn’t be ubiquitous, or we’d fall off the edge of the earth. Humans are creatures of ingenuity and resilience, and it’s this very characteristic that will see us once again ascend, free to host shindigs with more than two households as guests, compete with fresh flowers, a banging new stereo, a hip new rug, and a few more paintings.

Now, to light the room? Enter yellowpop, a three year-old decor and lifestyle brand specializing in custom neons. yellowpop, in its wee life span, has notched numerous collaborations with artists such as Andre Saraiva and Girl Knew York, and recently collaborated with fashion industry watchdog blog, Diet Prada. Bellisima.

Design and hospitality vets, Jeremy Cortial and his partner Ruben Grigri, founded yellowpop in 2018 with the aspiration of bringing the infectious joy that a day in the sun inspires, no matter the weather or conditions outside. The brand has since evolved its footing in the customization marketplace, and the future is bright.

Flaunt had the privilege of a quick chat with Co-Founder Jeremy Cortial, as the sun set, the music shifted gears, and the neon hues took over the room.

Yellowpop x Diet Prada

Yellowpop x Diet Prada

What do you feel is unique about contemporary culture that is driving an enthusiasm for customization?

We live in an era where being bold and unique is more important than ever before. You don’t want to have the same T-shirt, pair of sneakers, suitcase, or art piece as your neighbors or your friends. 

The way we’re making products more personal is through customization. It’s a great way for customers to be creative and purchase something that’s actually meaningful to them. We think it’s a more conscious way of shopping. 

How do you feel more time at home in this recent year has influenced interior design creativity?

Spending so much time at home has made us realize how important it is to have a house that makes you feel good, makes you feel at home. Cocooning is the new standard, and your wellbeing is tied to the vibe of your space. 

At yellowpop, we’re focused on the two impacts of home decor—how it looks, and how it affects your mood. We’re excited to help people express themselves and break out from the classic Ikea designs that you see everywhere.

Yellowpop x André Saraiva, Mr. A

Yellowpop x André Saraiva, Mr. A

Are there typographic word artists, like Jenny Holzer, for instance, or others whom you admire? 

We have partnered with a lot of typographic artists for our capsule collections—people like Steffi Lynn, Stephane Lopes, and Caren Kreiger. We are obsessed with typography, and playing with words is something we are super passionate about. 

Describe your earliest memory where you felt a profound affinity to neon?

My affinity for neon signs really started when I bought my first neon sign. I don’t have a tattoo, but apparently, it’s the same kind of feeling. When you start you can’t stop! 

Everyone was asking about my neon signs, and that got us thinking. We started yellowpop to share that fascination and electric pop of color. Neon signs have always been around, in movies and in cities like New York, Hong Kong, and Las Vegas. I feel that everyone loves neon signs and has a few iconic faves in mind. 

Yellowpop x André Saraiva, Mr. A Tall

Yellowpop x André Saraiva, Mr. A Tall

Neons are quintessentially Americana in their aesthetic and frame of reference. Do you feel Yelllowpop is championing nostalgia in this way? Or are you harkening other kinds of culture? How so?

When you think of neon, of course it brings up nostalgia. So many of our customers love the look and feel of vintage neon signs. That said, we’re inspired by the past, but not limited by it. You can see so many different forms of creative culture in our collaborations. We’re inspired by diverse types of art, fashion, and interior design. 

Yellowpop x Girl Knew York

Yellowpop x Girl Knew York

Neons appeal to all age spectrums, from infants to the elderly... what other things or experiences in life have a similar breadth of appeal?

Buying a neon sign is like going to Disneyland. Everyone can find their sweet spot and have fun, from the edgiest ride to the cutest little shop. 

Any new projects or upgrades to look forward to in 2021?

We have so many exciting projects coming up. We’re adding to our own collections and collaborating with some world-renowned creatives. We can’t drop any names just yet, but we’re doing a collab with a superstar interior designer and several pop artists. Stay tuned!  

yellowpop x Diet Prada

yellowpop x Diet Prada