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Benji Krol has taken the internet by storm with his relatable videography, photography, and talent with graphic design. The social media personality is best known on TikTok, where he is on his way to 10 million fans. He recently launched a self-titled YouTube channel where he vlogs and gives an inside glimpse into all things Benji.

What is your favorite place to create TikToks and why? 

My bedroom is definitely my favorite spot to film tiktoks. I just feel so creative in it,  I have so many things that inspire me around my room that it really helps me come up with ideas. I’m also so comfortable in it and feel like its the one place in the world that I can have to myself and feels like me. It also helps that it has everything I need to film and the perfect lighting haha. 

What's important about PRIDE to you and why? 

The most important thing about PRIDE is that it’s all about being confident with who you are and about loving everyone for being themselves. It’s really important to spread that message because I know there are a lot of shy and scared people in the world who are worried about being themselves, or are too scared to try anything new. So it’s crucial we show people that they will be loved for being themselves because I know if I had felt more comfortable when I was little everything would have been so much easier. 

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How did your relationship with TikTok change in quarantine?

I’ve literally been stuck at home for 3 months so tiktok played a huge role in keeping me entertained. I’ve had so much time to look through other people’s amazing content and constantly be inspired and because of that I’ve been able to entertain myself by creating my own tiktok non stop. It really has been such a good creative outlet for me, as it always has been, but over the quarantine I’ve come to appreciate it more. 

Which current injustice is important to you and why? 

I’ve recently been much more informed about the BLM movement and I really feel like it’s insane that we still live in a world where everyone isn’t treated equally. It’s horrible that we even need to fight for such a thing because you’d think by now everyone should know that every human deserves the same opportunity at a good and peaceful life, as much as anyone else. Overall I don’t condone any discrimination and I will always feel it’s important to stand against it. There’s also the matter of how we should be protecting our planet from the environmental destruction we’ve been causing to it for so many years. We just all need to help create a better and healthier world for everyone.

How important is it that your Generation learns how to work well together? Or is it?  

While our generation is definitely more informed and more accepting than past generations, there’s definitely some problems we face when it comes to working together. With the internet and social media we’ve been able to connect and work together much easier than in the past, but with it the spread of false information and the need to attack people instead of educate has become a huge issue. We all just need to make sure that what we’re hearing is true and do our research. As well that it’s okay for people to make mistakes, and we should try to educate them on why what they did was wrong, not just hop on a hate bandwagon. 

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What do you think it is about your TikTok platform that makes you unique?-

I know a lot of people might say this but I really just try to be myself and make videos I like. I never stick to one thing and I always try to make different types of videos that I think would be fun to do. Like I said tiktok is my creative outlet so I use it to just showcase everything I love. 

Is it ok to change your mind sometimes? How come? What's the context?

We’re all human, we all make mistakes, we’re all learning. It’s okay to change your mind on things as you grow and learn more, that’s what helps you be you.