Diva Boutique: From Miami To A Global Fashion Brand

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You probably have come across one of their viral pictures during your time online. Since 2013, Diva Boutique, Miami’s fastest growing, and arguably, its most popular fashion boutique, has made an impact locally, and globally. Founded by mother-daughter duo Vanessa Gonzalez and Martha Quintanal, Diva Boutique has grown from a small local shop, to a multi million dollar business in just 9 years.   

Having a digital presence in this era is how people succeed. From personal branding, to daily life updates, apps like Instagram, Facebook, etc., have become the go-to for shopping, entertainment, and leisure. Diva Boutique is one of those premiere fashion brands that seized this opportunity and made social media their best friend. It is a fast fashion business that delivers edgy, trendy  and character-defining pieces for all kind of customers.

This boutique’s inception secret is the passion for clothes that Vanessa has. Her  influence in fashion can be seen all around the U.S. and loyal customers keep flooding back to get a taste of her unique fashion statement pieces. Customers compare the quick shipping process of Diva Boutique to that of Amazon, and the quality is top-notch as well.

Turning Online Presence As An Opportunity

Vanessa has always wanted to have her own brand where she can curate styles for people to look and feel their best. Most of her customers have now become lifelong friends and this brand is an emotion that makes her feel alive. She started by posting mirror selfies in her small Miami Boutique and OOTD pics on instagram. Soon queries about buying the pieces started coming in from people outside Miami. When Diva Boutique gained momentum, its social media presence also boomed. Now, it is a world-famous brand with over 1 million online followers on Instagram. It now has a 15,000 square foot fulfillment center in the city of Doral, outside Miami. Aside from curated Boutique pieces, Vanessa has also launched her very own exclusive Diva Collection, which are pieces she designs herself.

Although Vanessa loves people who appreciate her business, it’s been a struggle to keep other brands from stealing her pictures and brand essence. Even vendors on Amazon use the pictures from Diva Boutique to sell copies of the products she has curated. In the fast-changing world, having a stable business strategy is already difficult, and changing it due to copyright issues is a very big issue. To stand out, Vanessa has had to change her business tactics, marketing strategy, and overall business outlook throughout her time in business. Although it’s been much work, it always keeps her one step ahead of the competition.

Nevertheless, she is an optimistic individual who suggests people should, “Be different. It's hard nowadays, it looks like there’s a new IG boutique every day. If you do the same thing that every other boutique is doing, you will be one of the many. Stand out, be unique, find your niche, and most importantly you have to LOVE the process. It's a very demanding industry and you literally cannot sleep on it. You have to keep up with the trends, and make sure your customer experience is top tier.”

Diva Boutique launched over 30 styles this year from its exclusive Diva Collection and has plans to expand the collection much more in the coming years. To know more about their collection, visit here.