Mimi Webb | FLAUNT PREMIERE | “I’ll Break My Heart Again”

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Photo: Tom Emmerson

Photo: Tom Emmerson

Mimi Webb is a 19-year-old UK based singer/songwriter blessing the world with her smooth, sultry voice. SInce she was a young girl, she always knew she wanted to be a star, longing for that stage presence with dreams of entertaining the masses. As she slayed her talent shows, her mother quickly joined ship in supporting her daughter’s musical journey.

Mimi’s debut single titled “Before I Go” became a viral hit, pushed by TikTok sensation Charli D’Amelio who created a video to her 76 million followers. Now, she keeps the momentum going by releasing her newest visual for “I’ll Break My Heart Again,” premiered exclusively on Flaunt.

Speaking on the actual making of the video, Mimi states, “it was such an emotional rollercoaster for me, from showing the struggle in my expressions to the nonstop pacing throughout. It really took me back to the feeling of being stuck in my own mind over a tough decision.”

This is something we as humans can all relate to, and Mimi’s vulnerability is much appreciated. Sometimes, we just need to be honest with ourselves, differentiating what’s good or what’s right for our own lives. For Mimi, it was her process in discovering she could no longer convince herself to stay away from the person she’s in love with, even though she’s found joy in another.

Watch below as Mimi brings the record to life in an all-white outfit, walking through the meadows.