Paul Kalkbrenner / “Parachute” Video

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“Parachute” is the newest song from the multi-talented German musician and Flaunt favorite Paul Kalkbrenner to pair with an equally compelling music video. Teamed up with Siberian director Taisia Deeva, the two have created a beautiful viewing experience.

Alone, “Parachute’s” lyrics evoke emotions across the board. Combined with Deeva’s imaginative storytelling, the song is all the more powerful. Lines from the track like “free-falling back to earth” and “I'd rather fly with you” are visualized through the video as vulnerable, struggling characters float into the sky and suspend in the air eventually to come together and hold hands. 

In a time when we can’t come together in groups and make a human connection, “Parachute’s” visual and lyrical message is even more meaningful.

Stream “Parachute” here!