Envision Festival | A Seven-day Experience

A look inside Costa Rica’s mind-blowing jungle rave

Written by

Gitte Meldgaard

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Photography by Gitte Meldgaard, assisted by Paulina Olszewski

Envision Festival | Feb 27 - Mar 6, 2023, a 7-day experience….an ideal location for a truly mind-blowing jungle rave with aliens….The breathtaking beach and jungle setting is a magical place where time does not exist and all melt into one we danced, played, loved,  learned,  taught, created, and deeply inspired each other.

The oil light was blinking alarmingly as we started out on the bumpy jungle road of Santa Teresa. “I just got it back from the mechanic he told me everything was fixed!”

Gorgeous goddess number one proclaimed, sounding annoyed “I have spent thousands trying to fix this car and it is still broken.” She sounded close to giving up, I reminded her that we were on the way to my favorite festival in the world: Envision. Soon the good mood was back, as we listened to Michell's playlist smiling and joking in anticipation.

My sexy goddess fellow Envision traveler, Ursala, sniffles a scream as she jumps back avoiding the trapped steam from the car's radiator by seconds. “I have seen this before,” she says in a sulky Venezuelan accent. “If we can get some water and let it cool we may be able to make it to Uvita.” She seems knowledgeable about engines and we start to calm down.

My other gorgeous goddess decides that while we wait for someone to show up who can help, time is best spent doing sound healing with her crystal bowls. We lay on the ground under the sacred tree and let the healing begin. Each of us understands the importance of keeping our frequency high and channels clear. As the bound of the bowls is gathering our sacred geometry into a higher frequency and relaxing us sufficiently to feel the building excitement of the upcoming week, we realize how perfect a beginning to the festival it is.

Mastery is often a simple shift in perception and a beautiful intro to what was to come.

From the cohabitation with the local community to the hundreds of volunteer hours dedicated to erecting the stunning stages and mind-boggling structures from locally-sourced bamboo, everything surrounding Envision is instilled with purpose and mindfulness.

Envision festival did not disappoint and once again delivered a life-changing transformative week by taping us into abundance and self-love. Pura Vida is the Costa Rican way of life. Literally translating to “pure life,” and pure life it was at this year's Envision festival.

It was a vibrant life force field pulsing in the frequency of love. 

Envision is a mix of self-proclaimed star seeds and conscious people from around the world gathered to share knowledge, music, and connectivity. Envision aims to transform our consciousness and by doing so, the world.

Get ready as the people of the light will no longer be silent they know why they came here and they know what to do.

Let's celebrate the love and the Joy that connects each one of us and dance our way into new Eath while Envision reprograms your mind...let's go deep and discover the trauma this system of separation has installed in us, the philosophy of dog eat dog and only the strongest survive, has brought us to the brink of planetary destruction, it is time to realize that we will only survive through unity the understanding that we are one and that everything is interconnected and entangled in ways we only just starting to perceive. Are you ready for release?

Let Envision guide the way...

The message is loud and clear there's only one way out of the matrix and that is the opening of your heart to make your decisions from the vibration of love instead of the vibration of fear.

Ascension is happening and a shift is taking place so let them show you the way to get out of the nine-to-five and into your body so you can experience the love and the peace you hold within.

Envision is literally dedicated to building a whole new species a different kind of human and bit by bit they show you how to release stored emotion and traumatic memoirs so you can open up to love, connection, joy, and a profound connection with nature.

Every part of you is, embodied, exercised, sweated out, danced out manifested in -using such practice as breath work, kundalini, contact dance, improv, yoga, permaculture, eco-educational workshops... art, and music.

But exactly how is this “new you” built you might ask? Looking for a deeper explanation well It begins with understanding consciousness is the creation of all matter and that we create through thoughts and emotion. Not only do we create our reality but with each choice we make we create as we are the creatures! 

Our most precious weapon is to understand consciousness and the way consciousness works, this is our quantum weapon but our true ammunition is the heart and understanding of light and love. Yes literally understanding the turning of light... And the imprint of radiating love. Understanding that the true purpose of love is not necessarily that between a man and a woman but that all life begins with unconditional love.

It felt like every teacher at Envision was dedicated to birthing a new reality and activating each and every light being on the planet.

The workshops were dedicated to understanding that love is internal and something you access within your own consciousness and body–and that what we are undergoing as a planet is a quantum leap of consciousness after all it is written in the stars as we are feeling the effects of rounding the possession of the equinox, a time talked about by many cultures as shifting into a golden age.

As we are shifting from one dimension to another by receiving the central light of the sun our DNA is activating and literally, millions of people are accessing their own internal information via their DNA.

While we birth these new visions and dreams of a new vibration and a new frequency and a new kinder more compassionate and loving world. Envision is providing a safe, inspiring, and fun container. 

As I arrived at the gate, the colorful Envision sign at the entrance gives me butterflies. I had attended the festival only once before, and to be honest, it was the memory of 2020’s Envision that had given me the strength to hold on, the excitement and hope of our shared vision giving me the strength to get through the time to come, the talk of beautiful communities had been so inspiring that they stayed with me for the past three years.

I entered and immediately stumbled upon a collection of large white sheets with Envision’s visions and prayers: All of the brothers and sisters in unity respecting the planet respecting the animals and respecting themselves.

See it smell it and taste it.

Feel all the joy.

Feel all the love.

Take a moment to see and feel your vision.

What you are practicing right now is what you need to be practicing in every moment.

How a shaman sees it. The world is as you dream, so dream a beautiful dream.

Yes, we are aware of the pain and suffering on the planet.

But where ever we focus our intention we are creating more of it.

So if we focus on suffering we are creating more of it.

So if we focus on the suffering and bloodshed on the planet, the poisoning of the Earth, then we actually are creating more of it.

We must give thanks for the change and for the healing as though it is already here. And so be very very grateful for the peace and love and the boundless abundance that we hold in our hearts.

We hold strong in our minds and we have a vision, a world that is at peace.

See it smell it and taste it, all the time.

And be unshakable.

Calm yourself down from the bombardment of the media, they only show us a fraction of what's happening in the world and it is not a real vision either.

what they do not show us is all of the good that is being done on the planet.

All of the brothers and sisters are doing amazing work.

So focus your attention and energies on the people that are doing good.

See it smell it taste it and practice it every day.

Thank you everyone for joining the prayer.

Thank you everyone for being present here.

Each one of you is a warrior of love.

You have so much courage to be here and so much potential to create.

We love you all so much.

Thank you all.

Haux Haus.

With love and gratitude.

Was written on the first sheet on the following was written.

The connectedness with every person that you come into contact with.

That's how we can help to bring peace to the earth.

We have to emanate it and we have to practice it all of the time.

It is part of our duty as awakened ones To shine our light, brothers and sisters, and shine it brightly.

May the great spirit help us to know the right words to speak to those of lower vibrations.

so that we can speak to them in a language that they understand. 

To not force spirituality down their throats. 

Sometimes just being in their presence and being in love is enough.

It helps to awaken them. 

We ask for the great spirits to please come and shower us with love, light and protection. 

To shine the light of truth and love across the planet, to all of our brothers and sisters who are sleeping.

For we awaken as one tribe, and we need the other brothers and sisters to wake up. 

To remember their divinity, who they are, and that they are part of the beautiful cosmic web of the planet.

Thank you to each one of you for holding strong to that prayer.

Please take this prayer and share it. 

Pray with others and please pray daily.

Now I ask you to go deep within, go into your heart chakra and breathe in

All of the love that is available to you in the universe.

Breathe it into every cell in your body.

In the next few moments, we are going to be activating our godheads. 

Each one of us is co-creating what is happening on the planet.

This is the practice that people need to practice every day.

So, now we are going to see in our minds as this is not a prayer with any words. 

You are going to see in your mind and in your heart and in every cell of your being.

The world that you want to live in. 

See it, smell it, and taste it.

The field is responding back to our emotions.

Feel the joy.

What is it like to live in a world of peace.

A world of love.

Feel that joy and that love because it's our emotions, our powerful emotions, that the field responds to.

And it will reflect back to us the world as we see it. 

Each of us needs to be holding the vision every day.

See that world.

Every day I'm in prayer.

I only focus to see the world that I want to exist in.

And see it as if it is already existing.

So let's take the next few moments to focus.

To see, smell and taste and feel the joy and the love to live in that world.

As I finished reading the second sheet I knew I was home. I wiped the tears off my face and entered Envision’s “modern mystery schools.”

I started the festival with Jai Dev’s afternoon workshop: “Unlocking the science of bliss.” Kundalini is an ancient code of activation a sort of guide to your biological computer using movement breath work and mantras enabling us to reactivate these dominant parts of ourselves, compared with other forms of yoga, Kundalini is a more spiritual form of yoga uniting the body mind and spirit. Kundalini may be the lesser-known yoga. The Western yoga boom has focused on Vinyasa and dynamic “workouts” while Kundalini is predominantly focused around energies.

Despite emerging from the meditative practices of ancient Hinduism as long as 4,000 years ago, Kundalini was only taught to royalty and nobility until Yogi Bhajan brought it to the West in the late sixties. This powerful yoga stimulates the immune, nervous, and glandular systems, helping to bring you back into true harmony.

Research has shown Kundalini's powerful and breath-controlled meditations can help to treat a range of health complaints, from depression and anxiety-related disorders to heart problems and memory lapses. A sacred and scientific technology that enables you to access and realize your own creative powers to unlock your potential and elevate your consciousness–Russel Brand being one of its most famous advocates–and is said to be the above-named reason for his personal transformation. The class renewed me and raised my Kundalini into an ecstatic vibration.

Just as I thought I couldn't get higher there was Kirtan, or the practice of singing devotional songs to the divine, a celebration of the hearts magnetism the singing brought us to ecstasy and joy….believe it or not it got WILD as the Harry Krishna chanting and dancing reached a fever pitch!

Feeling like I had taken pure sassafras oil I headed to “la samba’s” cozy casita tents for some rest as I drifted off I realized just how deeply I had needed this kind of connection and gathering of like-minded souls.

In the morning I gave myself space to breathe, reflect, grow, and connect. Then I headed out for sound healing or should I say: the practice of using audio tones and vibrational frequencies to repair damaged tissue and cells within the body.

It works on the basis that all matter is vibrating at specific frequencies, and sickness, disease, depression, and stress causes human beings to vibrate at a slow frequency. Sound Frequencies that promote healing, and vitality will encourage DNA to repair itself. 

Sound is information is light something called Cymatics illustrates this beautifully, Cymatics is the periodic effects that sound and vibration have on the matter. Cymatics clearly illustrates the fact that different frequencies gather matter into mine more complex and beautiful patterns. We are 70% water and water carries a memory imprint so imagine what sound does on a cellular level. It creates sacred geometries in your body that determine your vibration. “Good vibes bad vibes” it's all about the structured water in your cells.

Sound healing uses different vibrations to heal the body, mind, and spirit. It works on the principle That different emotions vibrate at different levels, and blocked or unexpressed emotions, are the main source of dis-ease. (If you are curious and would like to know more about the power of sound check out these studies on the potential healing benefits of audio sound frequencies. 𝐑𝐨𝐲𝐚𝐥 𝐑𝐢𝐟𝐞 with his Rife Frequencies, 𝐋𝐚𝐤𝐡𝐨𝐯𝐬𝐡𝐲’𝐬 Multiple Wave Oscillator, 𝐑𝐨𝐛𝐞𝐫𝐭 𝐌𝐨𝐧𝐫𝐨𝐞 with audio binaural beats, 𝐃𝐫. 𝐇𝐚𝐧𝐬 𝐉𝐞𝐧𝐧𝐲 and 𝐃𝐫. 𝐆𝐮𝐲 𝐌𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐞𝐫𝐬 with their work on Cymatics, 𝐕𝐥𝐚𝐝𝐢𝐦𝐢𝐫 𝐆𝐚𝐯𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐮’s sonic technology using infrasound, and 𝐓𝐨𝐦𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐬 who associates learning ability with the listening ability and clear hearing.) Many healers see a future where people don’t have to go see a doctor but partake in sound healing instead. The sound will remove your blockages allowing your body to heal itself.

I relaxed and laid down on the ground, noting my slow breath as I eased into the sounds. A deep well needed place of stillness came over me as I became aware of each sound, a beautiful voice, deep shamanic hypnotic drumming, and the vibrations of crystal singing bowls. Ahh, what bliss it was “is this Heaven on Earth or just a dream.” I woke up refreshed and ready for more dance. A glance at the schedule and I noticed an Ecstatic Dance just about to begin, that happens to be one of my favorite embodiment exercises, so I headed for some more ecstasy.

If you have never attended an Ecstatic Dance it is a dance with the goal of achieving ecstasy. This is a natural state in which awareness shifts and you get to experience a meditative and happy state of mind through movement. In essence, Ecstatic Dance is a moving meditation.

When most people hear of meditation, what comes to mind is someone sitting silently in a lotus posture counting his breath, or observing his thoughts. But to enter into a meditative state there are multiple physically active ways one can achieve that with arguably the oldest and most potent way being of dancing. Shamans and mystics have for ages been utilizing the power of dance to dive deep into their consciousness and break through to bliss. By dancing, they are able to calm the mind with its endless stream of thoughts and discover a state of inner peace. Besides, it is a lot of fun to move your body sober consciously, and mindfully to music while observing what happens. Truth the times of attending Ecstatic dances I often feel a feeling of connectivity and oneness, an increase in my ability to process my emotions, and a way of coping with stress, restoring serenity.

Ecstatic dance is scientifically proven to help your mental & physical health. It is a fantastic way to reset.

Admittedly it can be intimidating at first, looking around and seeing my fellow Ecstatic dances moving in different shapes rhythms, and positions like nobody was watching, I relaxed and gave myself permission to move in any way I wanted after 10 or 15 minutes I started to feel elated and at ease in fact it is one of the most liberating things on Earth.  

After the dance, I was in the perfect mood for “a plant medicine workshop.” The workshop explored the benefits of plant medicine, micro-dosing, and the healing powers of plants”. Whether you’re a prospective psychedelic first-timer or have experienced using psychedelics this workshop was informative and useful. Modern society is plagued by psychiatric illnesses–major depressive disorder, anxiety disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, and substance abuse–like never before. The workshop explored the therapeutic use of psychedelics and entactogens for these disorders.

We learned about psychedelics and the ceremonies surrounding their use, and that these plants when used correctly can be a powerful tool for healing. If you’re going to partake, you’ll want to be in good hands. A Psychedelic experience should be in a secure, sacred environment in which, should you choose, can work through trauma, limiting beliefs, and past experiences. After the workshop, I headed back to my tent to pick up my homemade high-frequency medicinal mushroom chocolate. I blessed it with gratitude and set an intention of joy as it melted in my mouth, I recalled my personal journey with plant medicine.

I first worked with the plant medicine Ayahuasca 15 years ago and it was the beginning of my understanding my own programming, enslavement, and not to mention understanding why I am here.

What was revealed to me at that time called me to want to explore and understand the occult and its rituals and ways. Studying these practices for more than a decade, I can say the people that have been ruling our planet are cunning, clever, and without scruples thus they have been in power for a very long time. Magic is magic and the real importance of magic (I use the word magic as a filler for physics not yet understood) is what you use it for for the betterment of all or to increase your own personal power by conquering and controlling others. One is white magic and the other is black magic.

Equally impressive and truly trippy and wise are the ways of the light, our medicine is in the plants, and the fungi, roots, and leaves are all medicine that activates our knowledge and heals. These powerful visionary plants are helping us activate our own indigenous DMT, opening the gateway to infinity, and enabling us to see beyond the wail into different dimensions and timelines.

Graham Hancock in his now famous TED Talk pointed out: “There is a war on our consciousness.” Many of these plant medicines have been illegal and classed as class A drugs. However, they cannot ban our own indigenous DMT allowing altered states of awareness. Altered states that we can access, not just by using psychedelics, but in our everyday life using breath work, nutrition, movement, and prayers... all knowledge that  dominated the wisdom shared at Envision Festival of 2023  

Having said that looking at the festival goers, this year was truly a homage and a love song to psilocybin the sweet teachers of sacred knowledge activating our pineal glands and readying us to receive downloads….the fungi were everywhere, on the clothing, on the menu, in the sacred geometry of the sand. Some people wore fungi hats, in the art, EVERYWHERE, I think the love of the fungi would have made even Terence McKenna proud. This truly is the medicine of the people.

The realization that I was late for the “lotus ceremony” brought me out of my deep contemplation ………at Envision the plants rule and I was not about to miss this one!

How was it? That is for me to know and for you to find out.

It is enough to say that the lotus was a revered plant medicine for the ancient Egyptians.

As I grounded back in, I realized I was hungry and headed for the food courts for the TINY un-nursing portions of highly overpriced food brought me back to earth, umm. Many people lamented about the same around the food stands, not understanding how such a conscious festival couldn't provide better more affordable nourishment.

After some awesome people-watching and digesting my food, I headed for the “red tent “ to attend a workshop on sacred sexuality and tantric alchemy. I find my seat amongst the red chiffon curtains and sink into the comfy cushions. I battled the urge of drifting off listening to Kashis' melodic London accent her mouth moving gently as she explains the practice of tantra: a practice that uses sexuality and sexual energy to attain spiritual enlightenment. Desire, sexual attraction, sensuality, pleasure, intense emotions, and profound feelings…. transport us into a world full of promises and magic delights…. however, if you can learn to consciously perceive the invisible aspect of them, the energy that triggers them enabling you to work with this energy as a practice. The practice can help you to obtain spiritual enlightenment.

To become a tantric practitioner awareness and mindfulness of this energy are essential. While most people tend to get lost in the intensity of desires and sexual pleasures, tantric reminds us that a deeply fulfilling erotic experience is attained when we learn to perceive and feel beyond the physical sensation. Most people only ever got to experience a basic sexual desire missing the real treasure and if our sexuality does not progress from a lower animalistic level to a more subtle emotional level there is no genuine alchemy or healing. Tantric alchemy requires control over this powerful energy, the existence of pure love, and the aspiration to transcend limiting beliefs. Thank god I once had the good luck of having a skilled tantric lover, who guided me to a FULL BODY third eye orgasm, otherwise, I might have found it difficult to relate.

Anyway, Kashis left enough of an impression to get me to attend her other workshop called the “scarlet serpent” a workshop on how in ancient cultures, menstruation was seen as a sacred and precious time. A woman’s ability to bleed without dying was considered a magical power. In fact, menstruating women were believed to harness great 'shamanic' and spiritual power. While our stories and current religious paradigms have been distorted to suggest menstruation is “unclean” and a woman is cast out of the temples during this time, originally women went into retreat during their bleeding cycle to allow themselves to channel the highest and deepest visions for collective healing. I wonder what kind of world we would have if we brought this practice back…….imagine a politician saying my wife is in the temple I will consult her when she gets out and get back to you then. 

I was off to Luna Stage for some liquid bloom and then some shut-eye–a truly lacking commodity for the on-siters at Envision. The ecstatic morning dance begins just as last night's music pipes down the auditory experiences are on overload, my fellow festivalgoer had to leave to rest her ears.

After my morning's tantra dance, I headed for some breath-work and “got high on my own supply.” Breath-work is simple and easy — everyone can do it! 

What to expect from breath-work in case you have never tried, your breath can help you to enter an altered state of conciseness that can lead to the ingenious release of DMT helping by releasing trauma and fear to bring you into a state of bliss. Breath-work practices have been around for thousands of years and are one of the most popular methods for inner work and transformation. Breath work can have immediate and positive effects on your physical, emotional, and mental well-being, including relieving tension and stimulating circulation, clearing trauma and emotional issues, or strengthening intuition and deepening meditation. Breath-work is a perfect example of the marriage between ancient wisdom now supported by modern science.

The exercises are focused on deep and rhythmic inhalations and exhalations, followed by retention time. The practice uses breathing to gain access to non-ordinary states of consciousness and go deep into emotional healing, flooding the body with energy to spontaneously release emotions. 

After working with my breath I felt energized and fully awake, I almost forgot I was sleep deprived …..apart from a slight body fatigue preventing me from heading for yet another Ecstatic Dance but nothing a little cacao can’t fix.

As luck will have it I remembered that there was a Cacao Ceremony happening and headed there.

A little background on cacao for those of you foreign to the beautiful effects of a Cacao Ceremony: Cacao Ceremonies are a celebratory ritual that opens the heart through the use of cacao.  Traditionally Cacao Ceremonies have been used by the Mayan and Ancient Aztec civilizations, conducted by ancient shamans. The cacao beans contain a psychoactive ingredient called theobromine, which translates to “food of the Gods“. Theobromine is a bitter alkaloid that has been shown to be mildly cacao also increases the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain as well as the release of endorphins and dopamine, our feel-good hormones. Cacao has been shown to boost the immune system, lower cholesterol and blood pressure, as well as lead to euphoria and deeper spiritual connection. Ceremonies may involve dance, breath-work, prayer, and unified singing to further manifest feelings of togetherness and to bring forward wishes and positive energy. I let the effects of the cacao take place leaving me in a state of self-reflection…soon felt the stimulating energy of this subtle yet powerful medicine and as a burst of energy flooded my body I headed for the Ecstatic Dance of J.Pool simply put  A perfect combination! I round up a wonderful day by joining the music as a medicine song circle. Time to go practice my tantra!

The following morning starts with a blessed kundalini practice that set the tone for the day after it is time to embrace my inner herbalist I start a frantic search for Envision’s co-founder Sahara Wu’s workshop on being a witch, but discover that there is more than one village witch and miss it…..stumbling instead on a lecture on the benefits of Irish sea moss a subject close to my heart.

After I see tantric speed dating on the schedule, this had to be experienced. So in a rush, trying not to be late, I repressed my usual shyness...finding my courage I run through Envision.

Talk about a fast track to bearing your deepest desires, wants, kinks, and shadows all in a matter of minutes to a complete stranger. Imagine a world of open communication where we authentically share everything in our hearts and be fully seen, heard, and received. 

The speed dating left me dizzy with my head spinning it was time to ground. I enjoyed a meal from “Krishna kitchen” –by far the most satisfying food served at Envision. Normally I eat raw vegan food, but honestly, it was not a possibility unless I wanted to spend a fortune. The plates were tiny and you need a lot when you eat what I eat.

I regained my breath and headed for the Sacred Sons meeting place. I had to check out a large  gathering of beautiful men that are working on themselves. What could be better? 

I have often dreamed of a place where both men and women support each other in doing “the work” and by “the work” I mean the shadow work.

The shadow consists of the part of us that makes us reactive and triggered and is truly the foundation of a lot of relationships failing. The work consists of finding the fractured and repressed sides of you relating to shame and guilt, and then making peace with those parts by understanding that they were developed for the sake of protection in a really hostile world a world whose slogan was “dog eat dog” and “only the strongest survive.” The times are changing and we are understanding it is only tough unity and love we can evolve.

In my dream I visualize a community where women gather in the sacredness of a “red tent,”  weaving the wisdom of their womb, the tent provides a space where we feel safe to unravel and bare our souls as we share stories about the white buffalo women. Tales of Babayaga as we learn to return to trusting the medicine each of us carries within us our own healer, mystic and wild women. All the while feeling the support of the divine masculine doing the work right beside us in something like “the Sacred Sons tent.” In this space men and boys are truly seen, not only in their warrior archetype but also in their vulnerability, in their healing of past wounds, in their witnessing of the dark masculine, all the while being held by their brothers in compassion and love.

This is the work that must be done for the divine feminine and masculine, to stand side by side, supporting each other to rise together in unity and love.

After I take a moment to rest and relax, I run to my friend Chloie. We take a seat at the foot of the giant rooted tree, reviewing my notes on the festival experience, and tell her how I would love to write something about Stephen Brooks (a co-founder of Envision and epic human. He has built more community than anyone I know!), talking about plants, magically within three minutes he appears out of thin air and starts to lay out exotic fruits and plants. Wow, my manifestation is on point!

Stephen's church of fruits was truly divine the chocolate budding fruit was trippy but the guanabana was a mouth orgasm. Stephens's passion and love for the plants was contagious. He would pass out the fruits for us all to taste as he was shouting “the church of fruit” and we would replay with a “halleluja.”

Somewhere between dancing and the truly badass EPIC beats of the Lapa Stage, the awe-inspiring sunsets, and the amazing workshops, I lose track of time and place as an inner transformation takes place. There were workshops on herbalism and how to be your own pharmacy, sacred fire rituals led by the wisdom of the tribal elders, healing wealth in the time of the collapse, tantra activation, handstand workshops, AI and the birth and death of creativity, from sex to super conciseness, geometry of sound, the healing powers of plant medicine, hypnotherapy and past life regression, shamanic meditations, authentic connections, shakti embodiment, how to exit the system and build another, embody awareness for world peace, Gaia meditation, transformational movement class, how to choose love, how to freestyle and live loop. Liberating yourself with your voice, wise woman pausing, hip hop yoga, how to grow your own jungle trees, the shift activation, sacred water and ancient activation, tantric speed dating, micro and macro biome, music as medicine song circle, ethical non-monogamy, give and receive sexual feedback, self-love rituals, Yawanawa song teaching, somatic activated healing, conscious movement, and the list goes on.

As if making a choice between the workshops was not perplexing enough, Envision’s lineup of musical artists playing on beautifully designed stages was impressive.

Amongst the lineup was some of the most consciously aware, purposeful, not to mention sexy DEEP shamanic music, climaxing in Porangui’s “biggest didgeridoo ever seen played on stage” mesmerizing us into a trance and leaving us flabbergasted. Once we got our ability to speak, I heard my fellow festival goers enthusiastically declaring that was out of this world we have never experienced anything like it.

Elaborate stages and fifth encounter light shows make the music experience even more intense, bordering on sensory overload….nonstop DJs and musicians dropping beats until sunrise–ample opportunity to dance in fact difficult to stop even when my body was screaming STOP I just couldn’t.

Partying barefooted nearly naked in the Costa Rican rainforest is unlike partying anywhere else it feels primal and joyful like we were born to do this throw in the mind-blowingly dramatic sunsets you have pure magic. Or should I say pure life?

If Envision were to embody an animal spirit it would be that of a jaguar–sleek beautiful and dangerous. The jaguar is a symbol of protection, courage, and strength. It's also associated with intuition, confidence, and decisiveness. The jaguar also symbolizes the need for change.

Envision’s symbol is significant as the phoenix rising from the ashes means to emerge from a catastrophe stronger, smarter, and more powerful, and if there was one thing we all collectively knew at this year's Envision: It was that changing the future is up to us as we emerge into a new way of living and being.

It is as though the founders of Envision knew what was coming and have been preparing for this time all along and collectively it is time to rise as a phoenix and envision the kind of world we would like to live in. If the 2020s festival message was “the time is now.” The equally powerful message of  2023 was “you are the one you have been waiting for.”

As this new world is being birthed, please excuse me while I go nurse my spiritual hangover and handle the withdrawals. So much deep love and gratitude to Envision for confirming that what we are doing is bringing love and joy back and transforming our way of living.

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